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Wortox skin ideas

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I imagined that the survivor skin would have slightly longer fur that looks filthier and faded. He has at least one crumpled ear or even missing one, and his tail or even some some parts on his body would miss patches of fur.

For the Merrymaker, I was inspired by the traditional Krampus design they have in Austria; long grey fur with a belt that has bells on it. And he probably won't even have a tail.

This one is kind of simple. He has darker fur with spikier ends that get even darker. He would have shadowy claws with menacing horns on his head.

In the Roseate skin, Wortox would have curly hair with curled mountain goat-like horns that has some thorn vines growing around them. He has a golden bracelet around his wrists and a golden belt with a red plate on it. And below that, all that I could think of is something similar to what the dragon skin wears.

wortox skins1.png

wortox skins2.png

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