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Weird door pathing rule

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I have a door so that my dupes don't wander in to my steam room for my turbines.  This door is set up so dupes do not enter the steam room.  However, it does not stop the dupes from entering in the way I want or would expect.  The door is set up to stop dupes from going in, but as you can see, Otto is able to enter the door from the "exit allowed" side and can get in the steam room.  To prevent this from happening, I have to either lock the door or prevent entry from either side.

My thinking is that this is not a desired behavior.  But is it a known behavior?


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There are lots of interesting pathing issues with doors.  Here are some more. 

  1. A floating door on auto blocks a dupe from entering a room (right to left motion). 
  2. A dupe is unable to cross a door set on "auto" from above, but can happily cross over if the door is set to open or locked. 
  3. A dupe moves through a door from underneath. 

The third post above has a comment from @Brook:

On 7/22/2019 at 11:49 AM, Brook said:

If the door is built so that it has a solid tile on top and bottom, the access permissions should behave as you expect.

Since your door is missing the "Top," you are using a door with access permissions in a way that is not described above.  

I ran across a very similar issue, but with regular walls, not doors. 


It's in this page

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I think your problem is that the door is entered from above. As far as I can tell, the direction arrows are for entering the door, not for leaving it. This makes some sense, as otherwise dupes could get into the door but potentially not out of it anymore. I did not really try this out though, I usually just force a sane state. (Too much writing security-critical software ;-)

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