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  1. Changed Status to Known Issue Hi @apff, Thanks for the report and the save game. It looks like the solar panel is actually built one tile outside the edge of the map. There was previously a bug which would allow this, so perhaps the building was placed while this was still possible? (I'm not positive it has gone out into the live build yet or only into the Preview branch...) Either way, a fix has gone in to prevent placing the building outside the map. Additionally, we've added a fix to make buildings that were previously placed outside the map non-constructable by dupes, and they will display a notification that they cannot be completed.
  2. Changed Status to Fixed Thanks for the report and save files @Bomato, they were very helpful. Additional fixes have been made to the restoration of lost dupes that will go out in the next hotfix. Testing with your saved games, you should be able to load the "before" save "Planet Badass (PREVIEW).sav" cleanly, and from that point it should save and load correctly afterwards. Testing with "Planet Badass (Preview 3).sav" I was able to load with errors, but continuing past the errors, saving and then reloading might restore these files to full functionality, although it's probably safer to start with the original save.
  3. Would you be able to upload the "before" version of this .sav file as well, the one that you were able to successfully load?
  4. Odd save result

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. I think based on what you've described that dupes are behaving as designed... the Clearance setting applies only to returning dupes (going from "outside" to "inside"), dupes that are wearing a suit already may always cross a checkpoint in the "out" direction. One of the reasons for this is that if a dupe finds themselves standing in front of a checkpoint they always need to be allowed to move in one direction or another, otherwise they will be stuck. Unsuited dupes can always go "inside", suited dupes can always go "outside". To prevent either would result in dupes getting stuck at a checkpoint unable to move in any direction.
  6. 296878-Egg cracker issue

    Changed Status to Known Issue
  7. Thanks for the report! We were able to repro the issue.
  8. Odd save result

    Changed Status to Known Issue