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How good are the characters in DST (portrait edition) [POLL]

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I wanted to make a poll, but I wanted a more meaningful data than s tier chart and also that doesn't have a wall of text, like an in build poll. I decided to make this simple chart. The number being the worst and number 10 the best. The idea is that visualization helps better see the better picture. 


Without ruler



It works very simple and you don't need to be a pro artist to participate. Open up the chart I included and paste into paint. I also included all 17 characters in dst as simple icons. Just copy the icon, paste it into the chart, move around, and place it into desired location. If you are done placing them all, save it and upload it here. And that's it! I have an example of my own how it should look like below. (This chart doesn't reflect my real opinion and just serves an example)


If you really want to include a character in the same coordinate, resize the icon smaller. But it is better to not do that since every character is unique and it is very rare they are alike in both aspects. If you have any questions feel free to ask and correct me. Happy drawing!



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1 hour ago, jpmrocks said:

How could you possibly have Winona, Wormwood, Webber and Wortox before Willow in terms of team usefulness. Have you played the game?


9 hours ago, KeshS said:

(This chart doesn't reflect my real opinion and just serves an example)

How could you possibly have post that? Have you read the whole post?

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