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How can i add more memory ?

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59 minutes ago, Mooagain said:

It might be another mod you have? God mode is supposed to turn off when the command is put in again, the world is exited, or the player teleports.

i tried and disabled all mods but didnt work so i rollbacked

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5 hours ago, Resul said:


I installed pvz mod but when i want to craft seed pack it crashes. say you are out of memory and i want to give more memory to game

how can i do that ?



It’s not possible really. Windows will already handle that for you and I believe windows will Optimize your system when a game is running to only use essential things.

I would take a peak into you tasks and see what apps/tasks you can close(ctrl+alt+del, task manager). You could find the process of the game and set the priority higher to see if that helps as well but I don’t recommend that.

How much Vram/Ram does your system have and how fast is it? Might be time for an upgrade.

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4 minutes ago, Resul said:

6gb ram i3 3.2 ghz intel 

its been long for an upgrade but i cant afford for now. so i just need to fix it


First of all you can't download ram that's complete nonsense and that website could give you a virus, the only thing you can do is wait until you can get more ram, I guess... I also remember using a feature windows has built in called "Readyboost" where you can use a USB flash drive as virtual memory or something? But I'm not too sure... 

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12 hours ago, Resul said:

i cant believe you are telling me i cant download ram. really 

i already have free ram when iam playing thwe game i justwant to give half of it to game when iam playing

DST Server run as 32 bit applications afaik and there is a limit in how much RAM your OS can assign to any 32 bit application each even if your computer does have more RAM in total. So unless you are running alot of other stuff in the background or your OS itself uses alot of RAM, then upgrading your hardware will not help you since you say that yiur System still has free RAM to assign while playing DST the total RAM is mit your bottleneck.

The bottleneck is the RAM limit per process. And there is nothing you can so about that excelt for using less mods.

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11891593/the-maximum-amount-of-memory-any-single-process-on-windows-can-address#:~:text=On 32-bit versions of,virtual memory at a time.

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