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  1. thank you anyway. maybe theres someone that can make mod of it
  2. I already mentioned that one. ''actually there is amod that drops items on the ground but its useless because they can burn or stolen by mobs or other players''
  3. Hello. Sometimes our friends carries items that they dont need anymore but we can need it such as silk or extra stack grass or twigs. it would be good if we can see their inventory and also when they left the game they drop a chest that includes all of their item that can be opened by theirselves and by the admin. i didnt find a mod like that if you know please tell me. actually there is amod that drops items on the ground but its useless because they can burn or stolen by mobs or other players
  4. Its problay about your CPU i have the same problem but fixed a few days ago. Go to game starting options on steam and type this -tick 60 it will remove your lag (almost) But your character texture may twitching when moving. its worth to try
  5. Really ? also with disable pvp option ? i havent know it. i have lag without cave , but lag is then less. So i think problem is in my computer. but still iam not sure about vanilla ds because it not have lag even with huge world and cave. my questions finished. Thanks for replies
  6. status closed. But that is bug gloomer structure doesnt drop blueprint and i have lag without any mod even i try reinstall and try new worlds
  7. yes i use this mod but i have lag also without mod. single player have little lag. but lag is lag i want to also know. why vanilla ds not have lag but together have ? thanks for reply
  8. multiple times i reinstall , confirmed the files and classic steps but there is no any change
  9. All world i see food on the ground. nobody put them on there. they just there is. When me breakdown vuz vuzi structure , his dont drop blueprint. Always i have lag. even play single , with nobody, alone just with myself. there is lag. but vanilla dont starve ( not together) not have any lag.
  10. Sometimes i found some food on the ground. there is usually cooked tallbird egg , elephant nose and mushroom. Always when me breakdown the vuzi-vuzi structure it doesnt drops bell blueprint. Even I play offline , single, with nobody. still i have lag. when i play vanilla dont starve ( not together) there is no lag but together has a lot of lag. I tired multiple times delete and reinstall , confirmed game files. but there is no any change So probaly there is no any solution but me asked. sorry for bad english. in photo foods which i have tell ( they rooted)