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  1. Hello iam looking for friend to play together. i didnt se discussion for loooking teammate so i post here It doesnt playable alone bores me so quick i want someone to beat every boss together and maybe build megabse iam 22 btw
  2. that would be good. i bored to kick wx players from my server. they come and dont do anything for others just eating gears and never coming back
  3. This game has very small popularity also my friends that who played this game they dont play it anymore and most of them thinks new update is bornig not much feels fresh. In my opinion we need something new and mysterious for the game maybe ruin update or different game mode. such as less materials also items require less material different world generation shape and different bosses (hit and dodge doesnt feel epic). Vanilla ds has adventure mode that gives it a purpose additional to just survive and build something. I dont really know what exactly what i want but i know we need some FRESH stuff my english is not that good as you see btw. well. instead of annoying emoji you can put your opinion down here
  4. . can i find salt in together btw ? i didnt see in my sea
  5. thank you anyway. maybe theres someone that can make mod of it
  6. I already mentioned that one. ''actually there is amod that drops items on the ground but its useless because they can burn or stolen by mobs or other players''
  7. Hello. Sometimes our friends carries items that they dont need anymore but we can need it such as silk or extra stack grass or twigs. it would be good if we can see their inventory and also when they left the game they drop a chest that includes all of their item that can be opened by theirselves and by the admin. i didnt find a mod like that if you know please tell me. actually there is amod that drops items on the ground but its useless because they can burn or stolen by mobs or other players
  8. Theres information much like an encyclopedie. I never go on the seas or donest build farms for long time. Would you guys recommend me him or its better i just go woodie ?
  9. An item that in the game or 6 hours of my life hmm ill take the skin
  10. disease makes me crazy. dig up and replanting goin for manure and fertilize them again is pain in the bass for me
  11. generally i dont be on the surface whole summer. but when i dud i put them corners that can protect my gekkos
  12. i searched literally same thing but it doesnt apperas to me. is there can be a limitation to my country ? i looked his channel and i only see 49 videos and none of them was this can you please count how many videos you see on his channel ?
  13. Hello. I searched before for small camp on google but didnt find anything. Theres a few small camp that i used before. Please rate them mercilessly. If you have something to add it would be great I put the tools,manure,rot etc to the bags and little away from camp. items on the ground triggers me
  14. Hello. I never tried to play warly because of his food penalty. i wonder how do you guys kill bosses with warly ? healing foods loses their health benefit with every meal. doesnt its a problem to you ?