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  1. Hello. This topic is including tips for increasing performance and very benefital for beginners First of all I always put "tick_rate 60" to my launch option. If you have lag even in your own server it will reduce the delay AMAP. World settings and World generation settings Twiggy trees are very time consuming to farm twigs also they require additional memory for dropped twigs and their growing procces. Grass gekkos spawns in nature on rocky biome. They are very fast way to gather grasses but they consume extra memory compare to grass tufts. I recommend farm your grass instead of these ram consuming monsters. Also if you dont collect all grass they drop it will lag your server. Setting your world size to small will save very big amount of ram, it will reduce your lag and its gonna be easier to understand the game if you are a beginner. Spiky bushes are alterantif of saplings but they damage you when harrvested also they are spareable memory place which is you will never need them. Even in small sized world there will ve dozens of spiders. Let alone you will not need to face them all they consume unnecessary memory. Also if you play with caves (which I recommend) dont forget to set world size small reduce spider dens and disable spiky bushes
  2. If you have lag or low fps then make it on. If you play perfectly then it not gonna make any difference
  3. Bro İ just bought wormwood and I immedieatly regret it. I hope they will release more spool codes to buy new dlc character
  4. I want to ask another question. How do you sustain your hp with wormwood when you fight to bosses? compos wraps are very inefficient and expensive honey drug is also hard to get. is there any way that you recommend?
  5. Guys. Does Bearger despawn if I go away? Can I keep him alive as long as I want? for wood gathering
  6. My grandpa is colorblind and diabet. Last week he took M&M's instead of his pills. Well, you know the rest
  7. It would cool if campfire have bigger hitbox. Or should I say Cookbox?
  8. It is but it can be solved some recipe tweaks. Well, we have panflute in pvp too. walters slingshot and wickers hentai manga.
  9. Hey friends. I watched a video on youtube about new DS mobile game. Dont you want same magic item in the DST ? Killing hordes would be easier Oh boy. I am in love with these fire towers stuff
  10. Does it worth to farm crops if I play solo ? Usually I farm potatoes for healing and sustaining but wormwood doesnt need healing foods. So I planning to make 8 beeboxes and build base in swamp. I can make Honey drugs and eat the honey and I will not need to spend time to taking care of plants. Well, you know the question. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello everyone! I am playing on my own. As you know getting boneshards are very time consuming so I decided to open my server to public and kill the people who wants to join me. I want to farm other players! Any tips ? lol
  12. Put 9 blue gem in chester then it will turn into a snow chester and make 2 termal stone. Now heat is not a problem
  13. Iam agree with you with exploration part. It is very uninteresting to explore the map. If this game have more dynamic survival elements then it could be my favorite survival game.