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Why don't people make Hamlet Megabases?

Blue Moth

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So, I recently got Don't Starve: Hamlet, and I realized that I had never seen a Hamlet Megabase before. I looked it up, and there are only 2 that people have actually made, one from Jazzy and one from Kynoox. Why aren't there more Hamlet Megabases?

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Hamlet's just one of the most annoying worlds to megabase in, in my opinion. Humid and lush season are manageable for the most part, but then you've got brambles in lush, you've got the Aporkalypse always coming in at the worst times, the BFB trying her hardest to come at even worse times, and the most annoying hound-esque mob in the form of vampire bats, all while the pigs are permanently celebrating that one Aporkalypse that you didn't disable immediately that one time, so you'd better get used to all those fiesta decorations and a constant onslaught of pigs wanting to give you cut grass and rocks.

Add this to how Hamlet finally added merged crafting, how RoG has very few annoyances, and how SW's seasons lose most of their negative effects over time because of Hamlet-introduced bugs, and anywhere except Hamlet becomes really really appealing. Personally I've spent a good chunk of time in my 2000+ day save file in Hamlet, and I love the aesthetic of the place, but these aspects I've mentioned have pushed me to instead base in SW while using Hamlet for resources and then building its unique items over in SW.

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That's a nice megabase, thanks for sharing!

I've been considering the question now that I'm coming up on 1,000 days in my Hamlet world. Here are the reasons why I think Hamlet is an excellent DLC for megabasing.

1) Seasons - Humid is annoying with the visibility but that's as far as the seasons get in the way. Lush brambles will only spawn on deep forest, wild plains, or rainforest. So as long as you use city turf, crafted flooring, or turf from other DLC, brambles will never grow in your base. Nettles basically make Lush season another Temperate. The worst thing strong winds can do is damage hay and wood walls and it won't happen as often as in SW. You can easily telelocate yourself over to the Aporkalypse Calendar every 60 days to stop the Aporkalypse, but none of the seasons ever forces you to leave your base for an extended period.

2) Bees don't have a hostile season so you don't have to worry about them damaging walls or hurting neutral mobs.

3) Crops never wither or freeze, and no wildfires. So upkeep costs are much lower. No need to harvest all your crops or re-fertilize all your berry bushes every year.

4) Bat waves have far less griefing potential than hounds or crocs. A single fire hound can set your entire base ablaze, and a single blue croc can pee all over your SW base, rendering it useless for an entire season. The most you have to fear from bats is a pig guard hitting it with a torch, so just don't bring them to guards at dusk/night and you're fine.

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i'd assume less people owning hamlet means less basemakers who play in hamlet worlds. personally i would jump at the chance to base indoors if i could i just do not have access to a drm-free hamlet(and no i will not buy a dummy copy on steam then pirate a drm-free one, that is just not my style)

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