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  1. I'm usually not a fan of megabases, but I'm amazed by this one. Thank you for sharing it!
  2. Getting killed by a single bee after day 500 is no small feat, but I pulled it off yesterday.
  3. He probably ate at Warly's restaurant at some point.
  4. Nice little update. Walter looks interesting, although he breaks the pattern of non-human DLC characters. Curious what his perks are going to be.
  5. I read a similar analysis of the DST characters a couple of years ago. Don't remember where exactly, could have been on this very forum. That person had an interesting point about Wes. Picking him is a sign of extreme confidence in one's ability as a player. Wes players know this game in and out, they are completely focused and utterly fearless. Plus, you know, balloons.