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Shipwrecked & Hamlet Compatibility for Real this time!

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Shipwrecked & Hamlet BOTH should be multiplayer, Klei has already heavily hinted at wanting the game to be cross-platform compatible.

They should make DLC pack content compatible with DST- and I KNOW they said they didn’t want to split their player base between who owns dlc & who does not own dlc (which is why all the Return of Them stuff has been Free..) but they wouldn’t have to worry about that if they just made the game like Minecraft.

(only the host needs to own the DLC and ANYONE can join rather they own the dlc or not.. it’s as simple as a couple extra seconds of “Downloading DLC Assets.” and even people who don’t have the DLC can play with people who do!)

again.. just like Minecraft. 
and now more then ever if DST’s future really IS Cross-Platform play- Then we need SW+Ham features.

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I have been really wanting to expand upon this in great detail to explain the in’s and outs of how and why it should work- the only problem is.. I don’t know exactly how to explain it properly.

The first thing we need to address is that PC players can technically already do this to a limited extent using Mods.. But since I don’t own a PC downloading a mod for my game to become compatible with my purchased DLC Add-Ons is completely out of the question.

I want to take a second to also state that I know next to nothing about actual game programming and don’t know how possible any of this actually is.

The next thing I would like to address is stating a little bit more about myself, first off I’m not just some kid who was born yesterday.. I’ve been playing games for over 30 years, and have provided many great suggestions to plenty of other development teams which they at their own discretion could choose to use or dismiss. So my ideas and suggestions while not always fully thought out, should still hold more merit then say my 4 yr old cousin who wants you to add Spider-Man into the game just because he likes Spider-Man.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to talk about what Klei has said in the past- That they did not want to separate their fanbase between DLC paywalls. This is the entire reason all of the Return of them Content has been free of charge.. but the thing is.. Klei can still charge for DLC expansions and people who don’t own the DLC Expansions can still join and play in worlds with people who have bought those DLCs. 

One only needs to go play Minecraft for a few minutes to realize not only is this entirely possible.. but it’s the way Minecraft handles has handled its DLC add-ons for years!

Just a few extra seconds or minutes of “Downloading DLC Assets” and People who don’t own the DLC can still join and play with people who do own it.

So the next question is how do we make that content work in a DST setting? The answer to that is quite simple.. One only needs to look at the inclusion of Lunar Island and Pearls Island to notice HOW and WHY it should Work- 

These areas of your world have their own biomes and atmosphere to them.. unique structures, Lunar Island is even a group of multiple Biomes with their own unique mobs and a new “Lunacy effect” that’s tied directly to just that one set of Island Biomes.

So how do you realistically add Shipwrecked and Hamlet content into DST without it clashing with the rest of the game or needing brand new separate server shards to run?

This answer can be found by using Cave Content as an Example- Caves are Split between Cave Content & Ancient Ruins Content, without an additional server shard running them separately. In the same way Lunar Isles is ran on the same shard with the Vanilla starting Biomes.

We are playing a game full of Science, Magic, Wormholes, Portals, Teleportation Staffs or simply sailing the wide open sea..

If Klei wants us to go to new Island locations they will find a way to explain it in.

Certain things would need to be tweaked for Multiplayer play.. obviously but, that’s an area I have no input in. 
I can suggest things things like making SW boats Two persons capable but ultimately nothing I suggest in this area is something I can speak of with great confidence.

I drew a pie chart a while back that showcased how caves can be separated into different made up Biomes by using Walls that kept the other areas content blocked off from one another.. (again think Caves & Ancient Ruins.)


this same “Wall” can be used to separate Shipwrecked and Hamlet Content from the Vanilla Game, because as many of you know.. there is a edge of the map Border that looks like water falling off the edge of the earth.

So in theory at least.. it shouldn’t be too hard to place brand new “Worlds” on the other side of that edge of the world border.. no separate server shard, Identical in every way to Caves/Ruins.

Once the content is added to the game Owners of Shipwrecked could potentially get Warly, Walani, Wilbur & Woodlegs plus some shipwrecked themed cosmetics, and owners of Hamlet could get Wormwood, Wilba, Wheeler, Wagstaff plus Hamlet themed Cosmetics.

People who don’t own the respective DLCs can weave them at 2700 spool each or buy them in bundles.

If the future of DST is Cross-Platform playability... then Shipwrecked & Hamlet need to at least to some degree be compatible with DST.

I WISH I could draw pretty artworks and illustrations because words alone can not properly describe what I’m imagining in my head.  I made this post in hopes that instead of dismissing it, someone will understand this text book I have written and can draw pretty illustrations that go along beside everything I just described.

the TL:DR- Wormholes, portals, cave tunnels, & teleportation devices should be leading us to new and exciting lands without needing additional separate server shards further causing strain on people’s PC’s or Consoles.

You wouldn’t have to worry about SW boats breaking the game if SW Boats were restricted to their own little Biome hub and you couldn’t just hop in a SW boat and sail back to Return of Them content due to the “Waterfall border” preventing you from boating there.

See guys? All this time you’ve been telling me you can’t do it, no it’s impossible, no it will break what Klei has already established with the Boat Cookie.. when this is what I had in mind all along! 

There are already Mods that exist that add SW & Ham content into the PC version... But Mods should never be the answer to everything.

I don’t know if this will work... I’m no game developer, I’m just throwing out my best idea of how it might could work.. and hoping somebody great comes along and perfects the Suggestion. 

We all know Klei wants DST’s future to be Cross-Platform play... so now I must ask @Klei When will I be able to play Don’t Starve Shipwrecked & Hamlet Edition: Together! ?? :o 

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I’m bumping my own thread (I’m allowed to do that right?) because I really really really really REALLY want this to happen if it is even half possible.

PC players can already sort of Access Shipwrecked and Hamlet Biomes with Mods, So... I’ve been thinking if they DID Update the game what would that do to single player DS sales? Well...

Instead of even answering that question I will instead answer it with my own Question- Why can’t they just UPDATE The DLC Expansion Packs Themselves... so that you don’t even have to buy solo DS at all to play Shipwrecked or Hamlet Related Content???

Similar to how when you look on the Xbox game store and try to purchase Shipwrecked it shows the list of games it’s Compatible with... 

So Using that Example- Shipwreckeds Description would read as “Requires Dont Starve Reign of Giants Edition or Dont Starve Together to play.”

The TL:DR- Make the expansion packs for solo DS compatible with DST.. You won’t need to buy Solo DS to run Expansion Content, you’d just need to own the Expansion or play with someone who owns it.

(I realize that there is a lot of multiplayer related rebalancing I’m asking for with this... BUT, I for one want as many biomes and locations and content that I can play with my friends as Klei can possibly provide.)

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Even with mods i dont touch it. It broke the game mechanic. 

Hamlet has his mechanica and sw too. If you mic it you kill how works the actual map and biomes like happen when you link worlds.

I would like to see some stuff but houses and shops doesnt have coherence and are broken.

Sw the same, has a lot of op, the weapons tab is crazy.


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Now that Xbox One FINALLY has Hamlet (Released just 3 days ago) I can finally pick the things from that expansion pack that I like.. and feel should DEFIANTLY be in DST.

Tall Grass- A new form of Grass different from regular grad it can not be plucked by hand and requires a Machete type tool to hack down first. Despite being called TALL Grass it also Burns for significantly LESS time then your Standard DST blade of Grass, making it impossible to do like I do in DST and burning a single placed blade of Grass that burns through most the night.

Sickly Biomes- There are certain Areas found in Hamlet that when stepping foot into your character will start to be infected (think of this as Similar to the high Radiation Zones in games like Fallout) 

Hostile Enemy Mobs Spawning out of Trees that you chop- One thing that’s immediately different from DST that DS SW & Hamlet Has is when chopping trees there is a chance a hostile mob will Spawn from it, Such as Snakes or Scorpions or sometimes even a random coconut “Konks” you on the head! Currently- You the only hostile mobs that come from DST trees are Treeguards and Birchnut Guards.

Poisonous Damage over Time- Some enemy mobs that attack you in Shipwrecked and Hamlet (such as Snakes, Poison Dart Frogs Etc...) Will also inflict you with a Damage over Time effect that slowly bleeds your health out until you create and use a antidote for it.

Dense Jungle Biomes full of Walking man eating piranha plant... 

All this stuff really adds up in helping make the game more difficult then CURRENT DST.

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37 minutes ago, Auhrer said:

I also wanted more content for Don't starve together, Hamlet and Shipwrecked would be great, I would buy the DLCS right away, if it was created in online mode.

Thank You this is exactly the mindset I was hoping for. :) Adding Shipwrecked & Hamlet compatibility doesn’t kill the sales made off of Single Player DS’s dlc, it just plain and Simply makes those Single player DLC’s compatible with the Multiplayer version- people who may have not even own DS Single player would want to buy these DLC expansions- Because they would now be compatible with DST!

I will leave all the hows and whys entirely up to actual developers who know what they’re doing and know what’s best for their game. But as far as the number one thing I MOST want to see in DST for 2020/2021- THIS is It.. this is practically all I’ve begged for since I’ve joined these forums and yeah I’m 100% sure some of the Dev team gets really tired of hearing me repeat myself like a broken record.. but that’s why I even made this thread, to discuss it Seriously In a thread specifically dedicated to it.

Xbox One FINALLY got Hamlet after me waiting Years for it it’s finally a thing now.. but to be honest playing it just feels kind of Outdated, I have no cool skins to use, I don’t have the QoL updates that they have done with for example: making Abigail less dumb with Wendy’s DST Rework.. and most importantly of ALL the first time I was wandering around at night & caught a glimpse of the light from a glowfly at the bottom of my screen I got super excited that FINALLY another player found me wandering around & that’s the light of their torc.. oh :( it’s just a glowing bug -Sadness-

It feels so lonely & empty.. even with highly intelligent trader pigs I still prefer to have my friends and family with me.

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So uhhh I was going to just let this thread die and become archived but I was playing single player don’t starve, Adventures Mode and ran across something strange.. 

A quick forum search only brought up THIS result from a now outdated and locked thread-

But the TL:DR while playing the story mode on Xbox I crossed over a marble donut like area heavily protected by Knights, Bishop and a Rook, When I got to the other side.. I found a freaking Shipwrecked DLC Biome!

Here is Undeniable PROOF that Palm Tree Biomes CAN Exist in DST... outside of the Shipwrecked DLC.. as it is this way in the single player game.

@CaptainChaotica This can’t be a bug if it’s still in the Xbox One version of the game can it?! Im Excited.. this Means Shipwrecked Content could be added to DST without clashing with its climate.



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On 7/5/2020 at 9:12 AM, Mike23Ua said:

This can’t be a bug if it’s still in the Xbox One version of the game can it?! Im Excited.. this Means Shipwrecked Content could be added to DST without clashing with its climate.

Yes it is.

No, it would clash.

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Yep, I've seen that before.  Snow on the palm trees!  Or as I like to call it, "The Genesis Planet", 'cos I'm an oldschool Trekkie like that.  (Okay so in the movie it was snow on a CACTUS; same diff...)  But in my case it's because I was playing an RoG world with Shipwrecked enabled = yes, so it might've made _some_ kind of sense?  (Hey, why _don't_ the cacti also get snow on them in winter?  That'd be adorable!)

Although, I was still on the mainland.  Hadn't gone anywhere NEAR the Seaworthy...and yet I ran into an entire _mixed_ Wildbore AND regular pig-person village, with a sandy shoreline and everything.  It was awesome!  Weird, but awesome.

So....I think my game was just drunk.  As for whether or not we could have palm tree biomes in regular DST...I see no idea why not, at this point, since we already have sailable oceans and islands.  


Edit:  As for barriers seperating different biome areas...first of all that reminds me of Hollow World, and that's awesome.  Secondly, I've always thought that IF it was mechanically feasible, one should be able to sail off the RoG mainland _into the Shipwrecked islands_, with it all being on one, cohesive world!  And the seasons would be in sync--if it was summer when you set sail, it'd be Dry Season (aka VOLCANOS AND APOCALYPTIC CHANTING MUSIC WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!) when you arrived on an island.  I get why they don't do that, but it'd still be cool...


Also, with your wheel showing four possible different worlds...it's interesting to note that with mods, we briefly had _multiple_ levels we could go to in singleplayer...before one or more of the mods broke.  Regular surface, caves, ruins are a step _down_ rather than on the same level, and then...with "Up and Away" we had (VERY Hamlet-ish looking, in some places) a sky realm, up in the clouds, with all kinds of bizzarro Dr. Seuss-esque deadlyness everywhere! and with "Creeps in the Deeps", you can go underWATER.  So, surface land, under land, _over_ everything, sail ON water and dive UNDER water.  I think I has a picture around here somewhere of Wigfrid under the waves, lemme go get it.


This makes total sense to do in the winter, let's GOOOOooooooooo!


Under da sea.

With my kittybutt. : P  (There's also a Pets mod for DS, and of course I also use it.  It results in  HILARIOUS situations sometimes, such as here and when you're playing Shipwrecked and end up with Jesus (Pet).)

How it works is, you have a limited amount of time down there before you drown (the new "lungs" meter).  The idea is to find ingredients you can make into an at least rudimentary snorkel kinda dealie, pick them and get back to the surface, make the thing, and then use that to stay down longer and get the stuff you need to make the BETTER one, etc.

I never found the stuff for even the first one.  (sad trombone)

Actually I'm not sure if Up and Away and Creeps in the Deeps (which had an entire team working on it, _its own new title screen_, and its own new theme music!) ever worked together or not, but that'd be epic. 


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On 7/5/2020 at 2:20 AM, __IvoCZE__ said:

Yes it is.

No, it would.

I don’t think it’s a Glitch though.. because the stuff you need to survive with still Naturally spawns In and Around the Palm Tree’s Such as Pighouses, Saplings, Berry Bushes, Rocks, Spider Dens, Mushrooms ETC.. so the game is still 100% completely Playable with the Palm Trees there.

Sadly it appears to ONLY be part of the Adventure Chapter “The Game is Afoot” 

But these snow covered Palm Trees look so visually pleasing to my Eyeballs! It makes me want to sing “How would you like to spend Christmas, On Christmas Island?”

I will upload the video of It Here if the forums will allow it! 

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