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Hey Grifters,

Sometimes, I think we've fixed almost all of the bugs in the game and I smile. Then, I sort through all of the f8 reports that come in over a weekend, and I realize that I am a fool. A fool for fixing bugs, that is!

Anyway, here are some fixes:

  • mark target as wanted_alive in rook_story_infiltrate_barons
  • make events/oppos equal between rise/barons on day 1 
  • Showing the Rewind option on the Slideshow Screen only if there is more than one slide
  • fix loop in baron_hostage_situation that would make a lot of extra rise appear if you failed the negotiation
  • fix some layout issues on the relationship screen
  • Changing the slideshow text bg to a gradient, instead of the black box
  • better filtering on the relationship screen to reflect agents who are removed from the game but not dead
  • Fix grafts always showing as Installed on the graft compendium.
  • Double Edge now still works if the core is shielded
  • add gaft to the codex
  • make slide text match vo
  • fix dialog reference to money amount in side_secret_shopper
  • fix spawn order of followup quest in rise_asset_liberation so that your business partner can't be spawned in other quests while working on selling the cache
  • fix pet healing prices (it was opposite of what it should be - full price for 1 hp, free for full hp)
  • fix up supports and questions in event_jake_buyer_beware
  • describe the company store
  • show stacks indicator on all negotiation arguments if their max_stacks > 1
  • Make influence requirement messages more explicit
  • Updated cards to use the TEMP_POWER keyword where appropriate
  • Fix subtle timing crash double-closing the DeckScreen when upgrading a card.
  • Fixing a bug on the Relationship Screen where if the last used tab was the Dead agents tab, it would load properly the next time you opened the screen
  • Fixed issue where the bog eye buff wasn't forcing the eye stalks to attack the player
  • Added upgrade highlighting to Lacerate
  • Fixed incorrecct description of Boosted Masochist
  • Clarified description of Evil Eye
  • Changed the description of Parietal Integrator to be consistent with Rejig
  • Fixed incorrect description on Rival's Combination
  • fix missing dialog line in baron_hostage_situation
  • rename all references to "hostile cards" -> "Hostility cards"
  • Removed dynamic opposition team size damage scaling. This was leading to some crazy spiky DPS by the enemies in certain situations (like facing Flekfis with a full team)
  • oppo_healing_spring gives you the option to raise your max health
  • The admiralty and spark baron dorm encounters also no longer assumes a home owner and use a present agent if possible.
  • The bandit tent encounter no longer assumes a home owner -- use an present agents, if they exist.
  • Grout Burrs leave at the end of their turn rather than the start of it, making their previews consistent and allowing burn/bleed to happen
  • Fix Rival's Combination card text.
  • Subtle Setup and Comeback: Fix potential crash when there are no valid targets
  • Split Fast Mode into 'Auto-Skip Dialog' and 'Fast Mode'.  The latter affects things like general animation speeds and travel speed.
  • Heavy Anchor is now even heavier.
  • Skittish behaviour is now attached to the actual condition, so that if it gets purged it no longer applies.
  • Remove the special-case disallowance of hiring friends at night.  It can cause confusion where the boon was spawned during the day, but time passes and then you can no longer access it (in fact it defaults to socialize, which confuses the player)
  • Add Rig keyword to Foresight.
  • War Story also checks current player ID to see if it should present as the alternate version.


The experimental build is 98% done for this week's update - just waiting on some sounds and the female build for the Jakes loader, I think. Tomorrow, we start work on


Sal's Brawl Mode.



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