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Idea of giant for the lunar islands: Luna Moth

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  Before talking about the new boss, i better mention some new stuff added that are related to the boss before your first encounter with it.
-Lunar mound: a natural structure that won't have no use for now, all you can see are two eyes coming out of it, and for some reason they dissapear completely during full moon, there's only one per map, and it's always located on the lunar island

-celestial tribute full moon beacon: once activating the celestial tribute, during full moon it'll emit a small beacon, and unlock two new recipes: the iridescent gem for a cost of one yellow gem, 2 blue gems and 5 moon rocks, an alternative for anyone who can't beat the moon event and get the mooncaller staff, and the mooncaller staff for the same cost of a starcaller staff, but for the cost of two iridescent gems instead of two yellow ones, but you may find a better use for the iridescent gem...

  Now it's the part where we talk about the new boss, first of all to summon it, it has 3 requirements:
-Use one iridescent gem on a celestial tribute(creating an even bigger beacon that also consumes the iridescent gem once used)
-It must be full moon
-There should be at least 5 fully grown up lune trees around it.
  With all of them, the boss will descend from the sky and will be flying around until the full moon ends, it has the appearence of a giant moon moth with a pair of beautifull giant wings, to start the combat you must attack the moth before the full moon ends.
  The boss is a dragonfly/toadstool tier giant, meaning that it has a lot of health, it has 4 different attacks:
-Once attacked it'll close it's wings and charge a freezing explosion that can instantly freeze players in range, but has a large cooldown and it's not hard to avoid, so players won't have to worry much about this attack while attacking it

-Her main attack is that she throws a hailstone that's a low range projectile that once landing makes a small damaging and chilling explosion

-Once losing 1/4 of her health she'll start flapping her wings nervously, that makes a powerfull wind that pushes players back, and creates multiple falling hailstones around her that makes a shadow before landing, once landing they does damage in a small area where they land and also chills anything that got hit by it, she also creates some silverwind storms that wanders around damaging anything that gets near them, similar to weather pain tornados, she uses it 3 times until she's defeated, lasting longer for each time

-After the first 1/4 of her health lost and using the previously mentioned attack, she's now able to use an attack that she opens her wings and makes a devasting beam that chases players, creating a devasting trail of ice wherever it hits, the ice can be destroyed by anything, it can also be created on water, being lethal to boats during the previous mentioned attack, and if the beam hits a player it'll deal heavy damage and instantly freeze the player

  Once defeated she will drop 8 silks, 6 monster meat, 6 lunar wings and a blueprint to the silk farm and 2-3 iridescent gems
>lunar wings are a new material used to crafted specific hats, decorations and gear, not sure about what could they be and what could they do, but one of them could be a special fan that can either chill and attack enemies with a devasting wind
  Once defeated for the first time, she'll take 20 in-game days to be able to be spawned again, until them the lunar mound will start generating moon maggots around it, and it also gets a webbed floor around it similar to the one around spiders, moon maggots are pacific but scared of the player, if killed they drop 1 monster meat/silk and 2 moon jelly(not so sure about it's use), but you can also befriend one with a lunar tree blossom, she'll start following the one who feeded her, even getting on boats, until she finds a silk farm to live, where she'll live forever, just like she does in the lunar mound, but she'll get outside even when moon maggots from the lunar mound don't, when the nest has moon moths they'll start producing silk and somehow more lunar maggots, it could even unlock a new crafting tab when near it, by the cost of moon jelly that can be obtained from moon maggots just like beefalos produce manure and they can also drop some extra ones when feeded with their favorite food.

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