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Rot update idea: frozen archipelago

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My concept for a whole new update for rot
*New mechanics:
-Thick ice: generated around the frozen Archipelago, land creatures can freely walk on it, but the ice can be breaken or melted, destroying part of it, and anything on it will get into water, and if it's not aquatic or a structure they'll be destroyed, gnarwhails can also attack anything on it, and it's also a slippery surface, which means that players walking on it will get an increased movement speed the more they keep walking on it, but will be harder to turn around, and they have a chance of slipper while walking aswell, which makes they take instant damage, all of the negative effects are prevented while using a walking cane.

-Pengull bartering: giving an ocean fish to pengulls will make they give you a random sea item back, having a low chance of being something valuable, that chance increases the more they like the fish you gave to them, their favorite fishes are ice breams.

-Deerclops ice patch: Not even the water can stand between you and his frozen wrath, deerclops will now create his own patch of ice to reach you, and trust me you won't want to fight him on water, the ice he created will start melting quickly as soon he no longer stands on it, while the ice he's standing on can't be breaken or melted under any circumstance, if you manages to defeat him on water you'll be rewarded with an unique lure/float(not sure about which one could be).

-Bearger swim: bearger can now swim, but only for a time until he starts searching for a land or boat to stand on, and trust me you don't want him on your boat

-Antlion's geysers: you've thought that this mass land of water would save you from the antlion's wrath? well not anymore, antlion can now create geysers instead of sinkholes when they spawn in the water, they'll be created next to your boat and constantly makes huge waves that deals some damage and pushes any boat they hit and gives wetness to players on it, it'll also happen on thick ice

*New items related to the archipelago:
-Boat beak: crafted in the seafaring tab, it has durabiilty and can be equipped to the boat, will be always facing to the direction the boat is navigating to, it greatly decreases the damage taken when hitting an obstacle and the chance of leaks being created in the same occasion, it'll also damage any aquatic creature in it's way such as skittersquids and gnarwhail, such asit's very userfull when reaching the frozen archipelago

-Snowballs: dropped from stuff covered in snow, such as evergreens during winter or in the frozen archipelago islands, or the own turf covered in snow, or two of them can be crafted using a single ice in the survival tab, but requires an alchemy engine to prototype, their only use is to be tossed just like water balloons, they chills creatures and players in a small area where they land, they have the same spoil mechanics from ice, meaning that if you want to use them for combat you better have a portable fridge with you, or use them during winter

-Ice breaker tool: crafted in the tool tab, a tool that has durability and used to make a hole in thick ice, where any player can fish random sea fishes using a regular fishing rod, with also a chance to get random sea items such as driftwood, every time a hole is made it also creates an ice block, which is a heavy item that can be either carried or mined for some ice, these holes also have a chance to generate skittersquids during dusk or night, it can only be crafted by obtaning their blueprint by trading with sealings or buying from the snowstorm wanderer

--Frost goggles: They have the function of giving the same protect as desert googles does to the sandstorm, but it also provides heat, making it not much recommended for sandstorms, it can be crafted using goggles and two cattails but only once obtaining it's blueprint, which can be obtained from sunken teasures, as an uncommon drop from narwhails, trading with sealings or buying from the snowstorm wanderer, and regular goggles can be obtained in the same way.

-Thick ice turf: crafted in the structure tab, it has the same sliding mechanic from thick ice and uses ice in it's own crafting recipe, just not sure about the entire recipe yet

-Gear turf: crafted in the structure tab with one gear and 3 marble turfs, crafting 3 of this turf, it don't just have a cool gear/steampunk pattern but also brings some additional effects to the area it covers: Increases the efficiency of machines on it, increases the chance of a lightning to hit in the area that's not covered by a lightning rod, slighly reduces the fire spread.

*Frozen Archipelago: many islands located in the opposite direction to the lunar islands, each island has their different size and content, and they're all covered in a large thick ice, that makes a big part of the continent, this place is always cold, meaning that if anyone want to get there they better get the winter stuff, but the cold also depends of the current season, and while in the archipelago nights are longer and dusk start sooner, but only for anyone in the archipelago.
 The new stuff present in the archipelago:
-Aurora borealis: Similar to full moon it brights the entire night, but it don't give the effects of a full moon, only happens on the archipelago and has a random chance to happen, but only if there's any completely non mined aurora crystal.

-Cold seas: the seas near the archipelago, from there the temperature starts decreasing, those waters can still have bull kelps, ancient debris, salty dogs, sunken teasures, sea junk, skittersquids and fish shoals, but ice breams are the only seasonal fishes that can generate there, this biome also has an increased chance of generating gnarwhails, it also have some small parts of it being outside the frozen archipelago being the ice biome, making some small islands made out of thick ice, and it's also filled with...
>Icebergs: new obstacles generated in cold seas, they'll act as sea stacks but dropping ice instead of stones

-Ice: This biome is present in every thick ice surrounding the archipelago, they contain pengulls during every season, and during full moon spawns moonrock pengulls, they also contain some of these new stuff, which aren't present in the ice biome islands on cold seas:
>Misterious broken machines: misterious machines that no longer work, they can be destroyed with a hammer for gears, wires and rarely a gem
>Sealings: New pigman like creatures, they have their own houses, speak an understandable language, have a fluffy cute white seal appearence, they're also smaller to pigmans and completely pacific, once any of them is attacked all sealings in an area will quickly return to their homes, they'll also return to their homes during dusk and night and the player can give them sea fishes, which they'll balance and give something in return depending of the fish type and weight, sealings drops one meat and some fur turf when killed, if anyone is heartless enough, and since they're pacific they get constantly bullied by mc tusks during winter

-Main frozen island: Biome present in the main and biggest island from the archipelago, it contains similar stuff from the continent, such as evergreens, boulders, walrus camps(which are more common to find than in the continent, but still only contains walrus mc tusk during winter), etc. It's also the only of the islands where sealings are generated, and they're more common there than in the ice biome, it also contains the seal village in part of it, which can be found by following an ice road, that unlike stone road is completely visible through snow, the seal village contains a larger amount of sealings, it's a region that mctusks avoid to get any close due to a different sealing guarding the village...
>Elder seal houses spawns inside the village, the elder seals are adult versions of sealings, being bigger and whitout the white fur, they're also neutral, attacking anything that hurts any sealing in their range, they attack very similar to mctusk, with darts and calling 2 ice hounds from their houses to help in the combat, they drop 2 meats and a bigger amount of fur turf than sealings when killed

-Crystal island: biome present in the secound island, it's filled with mineable rocks such as boulders, moon rocks, etc. And this biome contains two things which are exclusive from it:
>Aurora crystal: Mineable structures that can be mined, that gives some of the new item: crystal fragments, that has unique uses. But the chances of an aurora borealis happening are decreased for every crystal mined completely, it can be reduced to 0 if there are no remaining crystals, the crystals regenerate to their full size every winter
>Abominable arena: An arena made entirely of an walkable round ice surface, it has some skeletons inside this ice circle, a misterious altar thing in the middle of it, and 4 different ice crystals in four different sides of the arena, with the same distance from each other, they can be mined but it's not recommended

The archipelago would have more islands, but i have no idea for them

*The archipelago during winter: During the winter it gets really different, and with a lot of new content
-Snowstorm: Takes over the entire archipelago during winter, very similar to a sandstorm, but with snow instead obviously it extends to the ice surrounding the own islands, and obviously that desert or frost goggles can be used to protect yourself from it in the same way as sandstorms, the sandstorm has a chance to dissapear during dusks and nights, and it always dissapear during aurora borealis or full moons

-Yeti crab: While walking around the continent during the winter, you may find one fur turf, once picking it up it'll reveal some footsprints(not like from the footsprints from suspicious dirt piles) going in a single direction, following the direction which they go will lead to another fur turf, which if collected again will reveal more footsprints.. and it keeps that way until it leads to the yeti crab, a neutral creature that'll normally attempt to run away from the player, they're slower than koalefants but once they reach the water they'll dissapear, if attacked they'll start to fight back, they have two attacks: they pinch with their bulky claw, that deals great damage and greatly damages armor(either head or body wear), and a ranged attack where they makes a big snowball and then throw it, making an explosion of ice that either damages and chills anything in the area, when killed they'll drop many meat, fur turf, a yeti claw and rarely a thick fur.
>The yeti claw is a spoilable weapon similar to hambat, but it spoils faster outside cold places or a fridge

-Snowstorm wanderer: A new npc very similar to crabby hermit, he only appears in the frozen archipelago during winter, he has the appearence of a player like npc with a blue coat and hat hiding his face and body(making it similar to the character sillhouete shown in random), and a walking stick(similar to the stalking stalk from hamlet, but made entirely of wood), the player can either buy stuff from him using crystal fragments and sometimes other items, he can also give some crystal fragments when you give him certain items, being either an ocean fish(that he'll scale and give an amount depending of the weight and type of fish) or valuable teasures(for example gems and rare drops), and and he'll be always wandering around the archipelago, meaning that if you find him you're less likely to find him again in the same place.
  Once trading him a certain number of times he'll dissapear in a misterious smoke and leave behind an item that can be placed anywhere: the igloo kit, it can only be placed on land mass from the frozen archipelago, and after placed it requires items to build an igloo, one of them being 5 blocks of ice that have to be carried and brought near it, once the igloo is finished the snowstorm wanderer will appear out of nowhere, he'll start making some activities such as reading books and making holes on thick ice to fish, and get inside his igloo during dusk and night. Making an igloo won't just grant the wanderer to stay in a single place, but it'll also make you able to trade him outside winter, unlock more stuff to buy and you can now do tasks for him to gain even more friendship and unlock more recipes, you can also upgrade his igloo to an igloo with a wooden cabin for an expensive price, which also includes 10 wooden planks, after upgrading his house to the max level and doing enough tasks he'll gift you with the ice idol, which will start emiting a misterious light during aurora borealis.

-Polar bearger: A completely snow white bearger that spawns instead of bearger for any player in the frozen archipelago, the polar bearger swimms faster and for longer, and he also has a preference for meat and fishes instead of honey, he'll also hunt sealings

-King yeti crab: Don't mistake it by the regular yeti crab or the king crab, this might giant requires tasks to be spawned:
>Kill at least 3 yeti crabs
>Get the ice idol from the snowstorm wanderer
>Use the ice idol in the altar in the middle of the abominable arena, but it can only be done during an aurora borealis
  Doing all of those tasks will make the roar of the king yeti crab, which will spawn once the next day arrives and go toward the player, and once triggered snowstorms will stop happening until the next year.
  The yeti crab is a dragonfly/bee queen/etc. tier giant, it's a bigger yeti crab with a slighly darker fur, some scars around it, an angrier look and an ice crown on it, it's attacks are: a pinch with it's huge claw that has increased damage and range from the regular yeti crab version, throw 3-5 snowballs instead of the single one thrown by regular yeti crab, and a double ground slam similar to toadstool, but the secound comes quickier, and it also summons some ice stalactites that attempt to hit the players.
  After getting damaged until a certain percentage of it's health, it'll made a giant snow mound around itself, it can't get hurt while in it, he also won't regenerate health, and 2 ice totems will spawn in parts of the same island, and a snowstorm start during it, the ice totems have to be attacked to be destroyed, they spawn some ice wraths to protect them(a new creature which i still haven't planned anything about it), the crystal will also charges an ice explosion when attacked, that's similar to the crab king's freezing spell, with a cooldown before using it again, once all the crystals are destroyed the snowstorm will be gone and the player can attack the king yeti crab inside his mount, so he'll leave the form and keep the battle, he'll summon the ice totems 3 times, for each 1/3 of his health that he loses, with each time generating one more idol from the previous time, once killed the ice crab will drop a large amount of meat, two yeti crab claws, 2-3 thick furs, the blueprint to the abominable mace and the frozen crown.
>The abominable mace is crafted using one yeti crab claw, one thick fur and 4 hound tooth, it's a very strong melee attack with a durability that lasts for many uses, and it can also be used for a ground slam attack that deals heavy damage in area, with a cooldown before using this attack again, each time this attack is used it drains more durability than the regular attack, the special attack can also be used in water to propell the boat in a direction and damage water creatures, just be sure to don't use it on the boat
>The ice crown is a headgear item with durability, to the wearer it gives a weak armor, allows the player to create an ice patch whenever walking on water similar to deerclop does and once getting hurt charges an ice spell attack similar to the once used by ice totem, that also has a cooldown before being used again, it's sanity is drained every time it uses any of it's superpowers, and once the durability reaches 0% the crown is destroyed, but it can be recharged with crystal fragments. The crown can also be given to the snowstorm wanderer for an unique reward and increase your friendship with him, not sure about what could this unique reward be, but it would be something worth the sacrifice of the crown.
  After defeating the king yeti crab the snowstorm will return in the next winter, and you'll have to do the same tasks to summon him again, the ice idol can be bought again from the snowstorm wanderer again for a very expensive price.

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13 hours ago, franco116 said:

Im really like this idea but this Is too big to implementate, sound like a wonderfull mod and the parts for seafering tab sound very usefull

Sorry muy inglish Is bad (speak México)

no problem, and i guess that it would have to be added in two updates, with more stuff, as it would have many islands and unique stuff for each

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On 4/28/2020 at 4:08 PM, The batting bat said:

no problem, and i guess that it would have to be added in two updates, with more stuff, as it would have many islands and unique stuff for each

About living un océano i got along 200 days in océano fishing and taking salvageables this Is a los pic


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i agree, this has MASSIVE potential and i would love to play through the frozen archipelago, but the problem is there's only so much space in the ocean and this seems like a lot of work for something that isn't the current focus of ROT (i.e. the latest short seems to show they'll start making lunar content instead of just ocean content.)

maybe a mod, however i have not had the best experience with such large mods, namely cherry forest and it's constant updating. maybe just get a crack team of smart people and pull an uncompromising mode.

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yeah maybe it would fit better in a future don't starve update after rot, or a new dlc for single player don't starve based on artic and antarctic regions, i also think that it could get some steampunk stuff on it

about rot i just hope that they add a giant moth boss to lunar island

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On 5/11/2020 at 3:46 AM, Owlrus98 said:

Ngl this took me almost two weeks to realize that you meant Rot as in "Return of Them" instead of  "latest?cb=20190301171002"

haha same here, i was so lost in this thread till i got to your post lol

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