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Character reworks and the Importance of interesting downsides.

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ArubaroBeefalo    9262
1 hour ago, Webber is bes said:

I main webber because their downsides actually mean something and says alot about them and makes the playstyles different.

 Webber -  Webber is my true main 100% he adds variety and fun to your game from being hated by pigs and loved by spiders adding many more solutions to your problems like:

 ( "OH NO a moose/goose spawned at base and we cannot collect our weapons and armor to fight her" Now spider man comes in and brings 100 spiders with him to kill moose/goose boom problem solved) yes this actually happened I had to save someone with spiders.

sure you could have a Wolfgang kite her while you get stuff for him to tank but where's the fun in that it's much funnier and easier to watch spooders chomp on moose/goose.

everything that brings the possibility of playing in a different way is welcome for me. Even if bunnymen are better if i play weeber i will use spider to fight every boss that them work

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CaRat    253
7 hours ago, x0-VERSUS-1y said:

Even assuming spiders killed M/G, they certainly ate all meat and then, if left unchecked even a bit, they attacked rest of non-Webber players. From all types of followers, spiders are the least efficient and even detrimental when talking about meat-based loot/food. Also efficient advanced Webber players that work in team with rest of players as well are a rarity when taking into account bulk player-base servers. Just some observations.

Well you can. Prevent them from eating the meat by making them agro on to something else.(like the babies which will attack the spiders anyway so not giving a chance to eat). For non aoe bosses they are one of the best things to use because unlike pigs they dont run back and forth, and unlike bunnymen they stay tell they die. And unlike Bunnymen and pigs getting 100 spiders is easy to get because the dens are everywhere and you get a full den from a tier 3. Although for bee queen you will need dens surrounding her so they keep spawning and for dragonfly use a pan flute when she runs so they dont follow

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