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how do you fit a lot of structures on a boat?

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So as i browsed the forums this week i noticed people could manage to fit everything and their mother inside a boat, while i can't even fit a fishing bin and a campfire in one if i wanna have a lightning rod on it. Is this some sort of space cleaner secret item found in the ruins? Ancient wisdom coming from the Elder pig from the Elder bog? just HOW do you guys do it?

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The main thing it comes to boat basing is always trying to follow this 1 rule: place the structures with the largest hit boxes first, then place all of the smaller objects afterwards.

The example you provided is fairly simple. The firepit has an enormous placing hitbox, while the fishing bin had a really tiny one. The firepit doesn’t really occupy that much space, so placing it down first will leave more then enough room to place down your other structures. For multiple items with large hotboxes, you generally need to place them on the opposite sides of the boat to work (firepit on the left, and lightning rod on the right). Otherwise, it will be difficult trying to place 2 large objects with one in the center.

Overall, it will take some experimenting. It’s a bit tedious, but it is manageable.

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I personally gave up a long while back on the DS/DST placement system over frustration of being unable to align my farms directly in the middle of turf tiles in rows together, among other issues. Downloaded "Realistic Placement" off the workshop for DS and DST and never looked back. Later on when RoT had just come out the tedium I found in boat placement order definitely cemented the mods place for good as one of my go-to mods.

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Like Maxil20 said, the order you place structures in is important. I've made a list of each craftable/deployable and the minimum distance you have to put it from other things:


3.2    Science Machine
3.2    Ice Flingomatic
3.2    Fish Scale-O-Matic
3.2    Meat Effigy
3.2    Cartographer's Desk
3.2    Winona's Generator
3.2    Shadow Manipulator
3.2    Merm Flort-ifications
3.2    Potter's Wheel
3.2    Rabbit Hutch
3.2    Telelocator Focus
3.2    Lightning Rod
3.2    Winona's Spotlight
3.2    Winona's Catapult
3.2    Bee Box
3.2    Tackle Receptacle
3.2    Thermal Measurer
3.2    Think Tank
3.2    Endothermic Fire Pit
3.2    Night Light
3.2    Directional Sign
3.2    Salt Lick
3.2    Scaled Furnace
3.2    Pig House
3.2    Campfire
3.2    Improved Farm
3.2    Basic Farm
3.2    Moon Dial
3.2    Siesta Lean-to
3.2    Endothermic Fire
3.2    Mad Scientist Lab
3.2    Craftsmerm House
3.2    Wardrobe
3.2    Tent
3.2    Prestihatitator
3.2    Winona's G.E.M.erator
3.2    DIY Royalty Kit
3.2    Birdcage
3.2    Crock Pot
3.2    Rainometer
3.2    Alchemy Engine
3.2    The Lazy Deserter
3.2    Fire Pit
3.2    Sisturn
3.2    Sign
3.2    Masonry Oven
3.2    Drying Rack
3.2    Replica Relic Table
2.5    Mushroom Planter
2       Replica Relic Bowl
2       Replica Relic Chair
2       Replica Relic Vase
1.5    Tin Fishin' Bin
1.5    Pinchin' Winch
1.5    Mushlight
1.5    End Table
1.5    Glowcap
1.5    Friendly Scarecrow
1.5    Ice Box
1.5    Salt Box
1.5    Scaled Chest
1.5    Ocuvigil
1       Chest
0.9    Potted Fern
0.9    Potted Succulent
0.5    Replica Relic Plate
0.5    Replica Relic Dish

2         Houndius Shootius
2         Fossil Fragments
2         Portable Grinding Mill
2         Portable Spicing Station
2         Portable Crockpot
2         Anenemy
2         Anchor
2         Steering Wheel
0.75    Bee Mine
0.75    Mast
0.75    Bramble Trap
0.75    Tooth Trap
0         Meat Bulb
0         Mini Sign
0         Spider Eggs

(The list is split into 2: the first part is craftables, and the 2nd part is deployables)

You always want to place the things with the largest spacing distance first (those being the 3.2 ones) and go in order to the smallest. Masts are an exception. You can place masts first since they don't block other structures. So for my standard boat, I'd place my mast first, then firepit, crockpot, alchemy engine and lightning rod second (since their minimum spacing is 3.2). Then I'll place my steering wheel and anchor (2), followed by an icebox and a couple of tin fishin' bins (1.5) and lastly chests (1).

Also, don't use Geometric Placement. The grid isn't accurate enough to let you place things as tightly as possible, and it has this really annoying "feature" enabled by default that makes your game think chests can be placed closer than they actually can (it only actually works when playing in a world without caves, since every client mod also works as a server mod in that condition). You'll likely find the game rejecting your attempts to place chests with it enabled.

Lastly, if you REALLY want to get as many structures on your boat as you can, build structures as close to the edge of the boat. That's how you make a boat look unreasonably cramped. I don't personally do this since I don't like how structures look hanging off the side of the boat, but for efficiency's sake, it's an option.

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