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some minor tweaks for the game UI

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can you guy update the game UI?

my first suggestion is.... CAN WE HAVE A SEARCH BAR FOR THE MOD?

I've added alot of mod and I do use all of them, but for different world, it is a pain to find it in the mod menu 

I used to think the mods were listed by the alphabet but not all of them for some reason


but still, a search bar would be nice


can we have more save slot?
In Don't starve, we have 3 dlc yet we only have 5 save slot, like why? with RoG and SW alone, already used all 5 slots, I guess I have to delete one to make a new world for Hamelt,... 

In DST, there are more reasons why 5 slots are not enough

for example: I have 5 different friends/groups, and I host 5 server for each of them

what sould I do when the 6th person (a newbie guy who I told him to buy this game becasue I love this game and he don't or can't host the server)  want to play with me?
A) I guess the one of the other 5 isn't that improtant anymore, I gonna delete all of our hard world to make a new one to play with this guy 

B) invite him to one of the 5 200+ day world and ruining his first impression of this game 

one of the reasons why I like DST because of different people bring different experiences for the game everytime I play, and it being limited by the number of the save slot

yes, there is a mod for that, but mod like that tend to be unstable 


my last suggestion is....

can I change the profile background and the profile icon with the wardrobe?
like why can't we do that in the first place?



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21 minutes ago, MikoFanboy said:


The mods list is alphabetical, however those mods at the top have a space which makes them go to the top of the list. This is extremely practice for modders to do and the only reason I can think of they do it is so people see their mods first at the top of the list which is quite scummy. A search bar would still be very nice however.

Theres a 50 saveslots mod you can get off the workshop.

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2 minutes ago, Hornete said:

Theres a 50 saveslots mod you can get off the workshop.

I'm using that mod :v but still...  save a world by a mod kinda is quite worrying
also, do you know where is the file of the save slot in other page?, I can't find it 
there is a comment asking the same thing but the creator doesn't answer :'< (this is why I don't like  relying on the mod)

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I can understand using the blank space trick if you’re using a non-Latin alphabet (these always get sorted last). I really dislike when mods do this otherwise cause it breaks the entire system in favour of getting your mod seen first.

If Klei make any changes to the mod menu, I’d like to see them detect and trim any blank spaces from the start of these names. (Not sure if this is already a thing), but non-Latin names should get displayed first if the corresponding language settings are enabled—Chinese characters should show first if the game is set to Chinese etc.

Other than that, I’d love to see a proper tagging system implemented. Either mod authors can set a tag manually in modinfo.lua or the mod menu could automatically trim any text wrapped in square brackets and turn it into a tag. 

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Yes, I agree. It's not nice there's only 5 save slots it really is too low and I do not feel safe using mod for my save slot it can get deleted. I would like 10 save slot support at minimum or more would be better. Search bar for mod would be great too, they add it for skins so for mods is very good too.

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