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TIL gourmet + cooking not possible

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All trait/interest additive pairs are possible except gourmet and cooking.

  • Grease Monkey + Operating
  • Quick Learner + Researching
  • Mole Hands + Digging
  • Caregiver + Doctoring
  • Supplying + Buff
  • Twinkletoes + Suit Wearing
  • Interior Decorating + Decorating

Any idea why?  Any other curious exclusions?  I've been wondering if every dupe can get every interest/trait or if there are some biases or hard coded stuff.

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13 minutes ago, Soulwind said:

I don't know if that statement is true or not (how did you determine it?), but if it is, then it's probably just an oversight that will be corrected eventually.

Selected cooker on the screen where you select your starting dupes then rolled a bunch.  Also found a steam thread where someone else said they couldn't roll such a dupe.


16 minutes ago, Angpaur said:

Because gourmet is in fact one of the worst debuffs and there is a rule that debuff cannot go along with interest like for example trypophobia and digging ;)

Gourmet is certainly a trait with a penalty but it's technically a positive trait.  More importantly it doesn't prevent a dupe from cooking, so that doesn't answer it, I'm afraid ;)

Heh, trypopobia can't be rolled on a starting dupe... for entirely sensible reasons.

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