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  1. Joshua has just supplied some stone to a ladder and started construction when suddenly he throws his arms up in the air in self defence against... nothing? There's nothing nearby that would harm him? Exhibit A: Joshua has the willies Loading a save, I was able to see that Joshua was injured prior to his arrival at the ladder. He stands right where the pokeshell is to pick up the stone. Exhibit B: Josh takes a hit but there's no alert yet Josh then climbs 48 tiles up the ladder, then 40 tiles left across some bumpy terrain before he starts construction work shown in Exhibit A. It's about 26 seconds between the pokeshell taking a swipe and the alert appearing. Exhibit C: Joshua seems very dedicated to his work.
  2. An Ice Block scheduled for construction lists its available errands as Construction Supply, Building or Supplying. Exhibit A: Ice Block Errands Poor Marie has been locked in a carbon dioxide room until she transfers ice from the storage bin to the ice block. Unfortunately it seems she is not going to transfer the ice and instead stands idle. Exhibit B: Marie's stubbornness Although Marie has the Unconstructive trait, she is able to do Supply jobs and in fact they are a high priority for her. And since supply jobs includes the errand 'Construction Supply', she should be able to deliver the ice in much the same way that she can make all sorts of other deliveries. It makes sense that Unconstructive would block errands exclusive to Building jobs (namely Deconstruct and Build), but not errands that are also available as Supply jobs. Please note: if this issue isn't addressed soon, she may die!