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  1. There are proposed upcoming changes to Chrome that could quite potentially wreck uBlock and anything similar by removing the ability to run custom interception logic on resource requests.
  2. Crushing the abyssalite and/or deconstructing anything built with the fibres then disperses Microfibre 'germs', with a small chance to inflict Mesothelioma if inhaled.
  3. Sometimes I get so much random gaseous garbage - dupe farts, chlorine spills, escaped sour gas, whatever - piled up just beneath the oxygen layer I end up plopping a gas pump in the middle of it to gather it up for sorting and storage. This invariably turns into a hideously long gas pipe where the pump keeps getting moved around as the jumble shifts around, but it gives the opportunity to actually process things at leisure later. Or not, because there are so many ways to compress gas.
  4. Log Storage Mod

    And here I was expecting something to rotate and retain multiplayer dedicated server log files across restarts and the like. Semantic confusion