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  1. The same map seed will very likely give a different map when generating on a different build of the game, even if the same map type is used. Depending on the way the seed is used, the mere insertion of a new thing (like lead in oil biomes) can perturb the PRNG sequence.
  2. VS Code, MonoDevelop, Rider, ...
  3. Actually in almost all programming environments it's terribly clumsy and repeating decimals get chopped off. Even non-repeating decimals are often inexact due to conversion to repeating binary-point numbers ... and get chopped off. The repeating fractional part is usually an indication that a number is rational but the denominator has prime factors that the number base doesn't share. Very few environments have proper support for exactly representing such rational numbers. The Babylonians were fond of sexagesimal (base 60) for pretty much the exact reason @speckle21 gives: 60 = 22·3·5, so it divides evenly by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30. Even when it doesn't divide perfectly, you're a lot less likely to produce a repeating sexagesimal number by division because 2, 3 and 5 are represented in the base - division by 8, 9, 16, 18, 24, 25, 32, 36, 40, 45, 48, 50 will not repeat. Big enough to be clumsy for finger arithmetic, though. Oh, and back on topic of units of measure: 14 pounds to the stone. First time I've seen a factor of 7 show up in one.
  4. Some non-SI units are convenient for particular purposes. Degrees of angle remain in common use in spite of the SI radian, for example, likely because 360 = 23·32·5 for lots of small divisors. So where's the Rankine temperature scale option? Kelvin is absolute Celsius, Rankine is absolute Fahrenheit.
  5. There's definitely at least a limited noise system still in place. Snores and sneezes make enough of a racket to disturb sleeping dupes, although the Loud Sleeper trait also confers immunity to most sleep disturbances. In Dwarf Fortress when last I looked the noise system completely disregards intervening objects. Constructing and deconstructing buildings makes noise as does the operation of a number of buildings, and harvesting lumber in particular raises a truly appalling racket.
  6. Latency and transfer rate are two separate considerations. Transfer rate determines how quickly a line of consecutive bytes can be moved between DRAM and CPU cache, while latency determines how long it takes to switch to accessing a different location in memory. This is somewhat analogous to the difference between seek time and transfer rate on hard disks. The performance of object-oriented simulation engines like ONI, Factorio, etc. is usually dominated by latency. Factorio ended up incorporating a micro-optimisation into its entity update loop: fire off a CPU cache prefetch request for the next entity's object data before processing the current one, to try to avoid waiting around for that object when its turn comes up.
  7. I'm guessing the increased overheat temperature is there to help keep the pitifully low SHC and TC from making the stuff unusable. In any case, some alloys are physically better behaved than others across larger temperature ranges. Invar (typically 64% iron, 36% nickel) has an exceptionally low coefficient of thermal expansion, although it's prone to creeping under sustained mechanical forces.
  8. The contact phase change mechanic does things that range from wacky to thermodynamically indefensible. With 1.5 kg of 4 °C hydrogen gas adjacent to a 1 tonne block of -1 °C ice, the hydrogen will dump enough DTU to flash melt 5 kg of ice, taking on an improbably low temperature until it equalises with surrounding material. If the block of ice is less than 5 kg, contact phase change can't trigger at all and the block may be held solid by heat conduction from adjacent blocks. This quirk ruined my day on a glacier melting operation recently.
  9. Log Storage Mod

    And here I was expecting something to rotate and retain multiplayer dedicated server log files across restarts and the like. Semantic confusion