Kevin Forbes Talks About Game Design + Griftlands

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Hey guys, Kevin Forbes from Klei was great and agreed to do an interview with our podcast!

If you don't have time to listen, I've put some notes here:

- Kevin Forbes, been with Klei since 2008
- It's normal to spend the majority of your development life at Klei
- Kevin started in AAA development, sports games - not really his wheel house
- In a smaller company like Klei you get a lot more creative freedom, big variety of games
- Klei is small, Griftlands team is 15 people
- Kevin finds design/direction the most rewarding, although he wears a lot of hats. Writing is the most stressful. 
- Don't Starve has a cameo on 2018 movie The Predator, screenshots passed around the office
- Art is similar because of the local animations studios in Vancouver, from traditional 2D animators that carries through
- Kevin & Bobby agree that 2D graphics age much better than 3D
- Grirftlands is influenced from French & Belgian sci-fi comics from the 70's, Don't Starve takes place somewhere in 1920's
- Games need to be accessible enough that most people can be able to discover and play it
- Best way to teach players how to play a game isn't in a scripted tutorial. Teach players to teach themselves while balancing frustration
- Griftlands used to be a completely different game before it was card based combat.
- A lot of interactions with NPCs in games are boring, Klei wanted even the NPC negotiations to be gamified
- Slay the Spire showed how to take dominion mechanics into a game well. You can play your cards well, or poorly, and it feels like your fault when you lose instead of random chance
- Worked well for negotiatons, then used for combat as well. Old combat system wasn't hitting the right notes.
- Release date of Griftlands is in June
- Kevin has a giant backlog of games, almost never finishes a game. Personally likes turn based strategy games


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1 hour ago, CNiper said:

- Kevin finds design/direction the most rewarding, although he wears a lot of hats. Writing is the most stressful. 

Oooooh...So now we know who to blame for the typos. I’m sure that won’t contribute to any stress levels :p 

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2 hours ago, Kevin said:

Hey! That's me! that what I sound like?!


Thanks for the opportunity to join the show @CNiper!

yes. as someone with no reference point, yes it is.

also i just realized lasquo's head was on a spear wielding guard. i don't know why that bothers me so much 

side note which voice is you, klei kevin? the first one or the second one?

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