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Scalable Sweepy Volcano Tamer

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Hey, after messing around with magma sweeping in this topic https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/116284-can-you-find-a-use-for-bottled-magma/

I designed a very simple and scalable system to tame any type of volcano using Sweepy.

The whole idea is to put one of these basic "taming" room on every volcano you want to tame, be it a metal or a mineral one, it doesn't matter.

When a volcano erupts, sweepy does its thing and put the liquid metal/magma in the docking station, a dupe then relocates the bottles to a power room that can contain as much turbines as you want/need and cool bottles (~140°C, can be adjusted to a minimum of 125°C) are retrieved at the end, pouring these bottles to emptiers allows the recovery of the solid metal/mineral.

The volcano room, buildable on any volcano : 


Hydro sensors are here to disable the docking station to save power if everything has been swept.

Docking station and sweepy needs to be made out of steel in order to not melt.

Vacuum is required in the room.

Here is an example of using a fail safe when you're not sure you'll sweep the liquid quickly enough : 



The bottle relocation system (The Drop) in action : 


All 5 emptiers are needed for dupes being able to pull the 1t max from the docking station in a single run instead of 200kg.

Heat extractor and turbine : 


and its automation for getting rid of cool bottles and allowing a new batch to come in + isolating the steam chamber when it's too hot : 


Note : add a long duration buffer gate right before the memory gate to filter flickering sensor.

Note2 : replace the memory+filter gate with a counter set to 1 and its output going to its reset to gain space.

This to me is the simplest way to tame multiple volcanoes and actually use the end material at the end, each individual chamber can be constructed quickly, attach a 2 door gas destroyer to its side if you want to make a vacuum afterward. Distance between volcanoes is not a factor if you use transit tubes, which is quite crazy.

Complexity comes from the heat extractor but it's scalable (meaning you can use all the volcanoes of the map), you just need to attach more steam turbines.

It's not as efficient as one specifically designed volcano tamer for a specific volcano but it's easily usable everywhere and cost less ressources; in a normal game I value a lot the ease of building a system.

A huge benefit of this is you can drop magma, copper, iron, gold, whatever bottle, canister in there, they won't undergo phase change (except PWater will gradually vent-off) this system is not picky, eats about anything :D

Important note : dupes moving bottles can "accidentally" drop them anywhere on their way if they switch task; ensure vacuum all the way to the heat extractor with an accessible ground to avoid making this an issue.

On another note, sweepy is not limited by liquid mass in the tile to sweep, it doesn't have to be under 150kg contrary to dupe sweeping.


Hope you enjoy, if you want to suggest improvements or ask a question, don't hesitate.

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As I've never played with bottled liquid beyond their normal phase change temperatures, I just want to check my understanding.

The bottles liquids will stay bottled, regardless of their current versus solidification temperature, until they are emptied by a dupe via a Bottle Emptier or the "Empty" command, yes? 

Which would then result in a other dupe grabbing the now <150C bottles and putting them in a Bottle Emptier causing the now solid metal/igneous rock to form in nice 200kg chunks in need of only a bit more cooling to be truly usable. 

This design speaks to me, especially with my last couple of catastrophic volcano failures. Thanks for sharing! 

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I will use sweepy only for the magma bottom part for clean the magma in areas where dupes can't go and dig or sweep (like neutronium tiles), or for cleaning the rocket silos from regolith after the rocket is on route. 

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