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Hey Grifters,

Here's what we're working on today:

  • Big revs to the fight UI - you can click on a fighter to get details about them.
  • hook up new merchant quest for the pet merchant
  • Burn damage calculation is now done by the first instance of burn on a team and the damage is applied all at once. This solves some weird turn order issues with burn's aoe
  • Blade Flash is now 3-4 and does not consume, and does not draw.
  • Adjusted the Jakes' Double Edge argument to be less oppressive
  • Added crackler item
  • vastly simplify the VO processing at load time (saves a second or so?)
  • fixed missing grenade and cups

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The game seems to consider Clobbers to be 3-star enemies, but they’re more like 4-star+ in terms of danger. This is noticeable in the event where boggers try to forcefully remove your parasite. On D3, you have to defend against two clobbers plus backup, which is an extremely hard fight all by yourself (you get automech and autodog to help you with the same fight later that day, and that one is also in an isolated location!). One clobber plus backup would be more reasonable for a random event fight all by yourself on D3. Either that or making the “remove parasite” option more palatable than it currently is.

Somebody had mentioned before that Spotty + Sifting/Chaos coin is very powerful. I finally experienced it, it’s essentially broken. I won some D3 negotiations before playing a single card. The problem is that they chain with each other; Spotty is reasonable-ish otherwise. Maybe changing it to “at the end of your turn, gamble once per card in your hand”, or something in that vein that breaks the semi-infinite chain, would be enough.

Momentum is also extremely powerful with those coins, although not as broken. Not sure how it can be nerfed so that it’s still useful outside that interaction though. Maybe “after discarding a card, if you have 5 or less cards, draw a card”, or “the first time you discard a card each turn, draw 2 cards”... something that stops Momentum from giving you infinite cards every turn with those coins. Or at the very least increase its cost.

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Personally, I really really love it in rogue-lites when there's OP combinations of items in the game. Its always fun trying to find new ways to bust the game open. With that said, I have to agree that Spotty + Sifting/Chaos coin is too strong. Its too easy to get, and I personally find the actual infinite draw is less fun than usual methods of breaking the game. Whenever I played with it, I found myself dreading drawing spotty because I knew the otherwise short negotiation fight would be stalled to ludicrous amounts and I had to actively work against the OP combo by discarding Spotty the moment I could in order to get some semblance of control back from it. It's a shame because Spotty on its own seems like a very interesting mechanic and its great fun when you dont have Sifting/Chaos coin.

Momentum on the other hand, I dont agree with the notion that the effect of it is worth nerfing. Maybe the numbers on it (argument resolve, action cost) but Momentum on its own is the kind of strong card effect I love to see in deckbuilders.

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