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Wortox's tail suggestion

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Basically, my suggestion is to somehow give him a tail slot or link it to the head.

Wortox, has some interesting tails based on "pants" he has equipped.

But, to keep the tail right now you either have to wear "Undergarment" or an top piece that covers bottom (which also caused a lot of graphical bugs when RoT started). I'd love it to be "head" based instead of linked to pants. Without leg piece tail will look like a normal Wortox tail, but different color (Basically Minotaur's pants piece).


Unrelated to the topic, but it also has a bug with the way bottom piece looks with some outfits:



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Just now, Easonade said:

If I recall correctly, it's the "body" part of the costume that gives you the tail, similar to how wortox costume works

Not exactly. Body slot can cover everything. If catty costume's tail is indeed bound to body piece, then it can't be altered. Meaning it's literally a costume, not a body part.

Wortox tail is bound to leg piece, which brings a bit of inconvenience, while allowing it to be mixed with body pieces that cover legs, allowing to do stuff from first post here.

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