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Bruhmoment23's art thread

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Right now i'm flooded with stuff but soon ill be more free, with that i'll probably start setting up somekind of excercise/training schedule for drawing to try and get better at it, aswell as maybe buying/trying out diffrent drawing softwares, anyway here's a small preview of what im doing right now, will try to enhance the lightning abit in the process aswell as refining it entirely if i get to know more ways of doing so.


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Been a month or so since i posted anything on here, so might aswell slap the abandoned project of the image above. Kinda got lazy and didnt want to continue it, i'll be focusing on more non-ds stuff, might make a thread in off-topic with some stuff, or not idk. Anyway that's all for now.


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8 hours ago, minespatch said:

Feels like normal wx meets his WIP skin. Were you stressed when you drew this?

No i just lost motivation, hard for me to keep a track of drawing, sometimes just asking myself whats the point of continuing it, atleast some of the previous ones. Havent drawn anything in a month but i cameback to it yesterday, rn im kind busy with other stuff but ill break through and try and get better via vids and practice later on.

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