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Don't starve updated

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Yes, the light radius was increased but it's still not like the "old days", outside the light radius is still pitch black and the night are still somewhat boring when you are out exploring and not in your main base.

And to add to Fu's post, "content" updates are every two tuesdays, if they push an update in between that it's probably to fix bugs or to balance some things that break the game.

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The problem and the root of the confusion lays on the "gradient" between sweet, sweet light and the ohmygodwhatthefuckwasthatnoise darkness.

Before Steam, Chrome had a gradient that was quite smooth, leaving you space to do stuff around camp while teasing the grue. It was fun. It was exciting.

After steam though, that "gradient" became really steep, in a "Oh, the fire is getting a little bit slow, I better grab that log I left beside it... what the... bu... I can't see sh... I CAN'T SEE, WHO PUT OUT THE FIRE? I CAN'T SEE!... oh, there it is, I just stepped back a little too far away, heh" kinda way.

And that, my dear child, is why you should always carry a flamethrower when going to sleep.

Good night.

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that's pretty much exactly what happened to me today, my fireradius went down suddenly, Wilson started with "oh, something bit me!", I panict, crafted 5 torches before realizing that I just had my axe equipped, and barely made it to the campfire again.

yet, I do admit, that this sharp ending compared to the smooth one is by far more realistic, at least if you are the person inside the light, if you look at it from outside, the edges of a lightcycle are smoother, but since we play the person inside the light, it is more realistic as it is now.

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