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Charlie and the Winter feast spirit?

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So from this table animation, we can see its a variation of the stage hand- but it's perked my interest.


In the new winter feast rot trailer, Charlie laughs as she pricks Wilson with a wintery chill yet with the quotes for Holiday cheer, it seems like we still see a bit of Charlie's bi-polar element. Her essence of wanting to please others by reminding them of happier times seems to convey in the holiday cheer mechanic.

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19 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Her essence of wanting to please others by reminding them of happier times seems to convey in the holiday cheer mechanic.

To me it seems like she is the one who want to bring back the christmas time for herself something to remember from real world. I don't know what she even wants to do anymore, what's her goal? I'm confused. Her bad and good side merged so she is neutral now but still being the shadow monster. If she can create what she wants, does she have the power to leave Constant world maybe she needs more power for that and that's why she's gathering it from ancient portal? Or does she don't want to leave becouse she's having fun being the queen.Sorry for the long comment I just need some more explanation for her.

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I think it’s as simple as when Maxwell was in control of the Nightmare Throne he was being fully Controlled like a Helpless Puppet by “Them” until Wilson shows up and Free’s him from his Prison Sentence.

However with Charlie.. she seems to have some degree of control over the influence of “Them” as seen with her Trailer in a New Reign- If you notice it’s not until AFTER Charlie free’s Wilson that she starts flipping out and going from Evil to Helpful & back again.. and after struggling with redecorating the place to be pretty or evil she finally settles on a middle ground between the two.

I believe that because of This it is “Charlie” who may be able to eventually over come the Nightmare Thrones Influence and help free the other Survivors- but at the cost of always being trapped in the Constant forever. :( 

Also with an update series titled The Return of Them... I’m pretty sure they’re gonna want their Throne back.


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4 hours ago, minespatch said:

I always believe the throne is a battery. Perhaps she's the wrong kind of battery?

I will tell you guys my theory which is kinda like yours but different.

Think of the Throne as a computer. A leech of sorts.

You see, before Maxwell came there were only Shadows. Only Darkness. They weren't creative enough to make things like flowers, trees, etc. Like a blank computer.

When a user shows up, in this case Maxwell, they begin to customize the computer/The Constant to their own liking. This was most likely why They wanted to capture a human to put on the throne. Humans have a capacity to be creative and think outside the box and thus they can create many things. Humans can create life.

Think of a DS world as a server. It is linked to the computer/throne through Maxwell's Door. Like a connection. You have to travel through the entire chapters to reach the Computer/Controller/King/Queen. So Maxwell was forced to maintain these servers for Their amusement. He was slowly drained of energy. They needed something new.

Enter Wilson and the Survivors. They were the test subjects, the lab rats, potential Kings and Queens of the Constant. Maxwell was possibly tricked into thinking that if he got a Survivor onto the throne, he would be free. So he began capturing. People that were forgotten or presumed dead. People that showed potential to survive travelling through Maxwell's Door/The Connection.

In the end, one managed (going by canon lore here). A man, a scientist with the beautiful name of Wilson P. Higgsbury. He survived, against all odds, and reached the Computer/Throne succesfully. But what did he see? A frail man chained to nightmare fuel molded into a chair. His warnings were right.

They were selfish. Cunning. Evil. But Maxwell was more cunning and more intelligent. He was a human after all. He figured out their plan and tried his best to prevent any Survivor from reaching the Computer/Throne. Perhaps he thought that were a King to die on the Throne, the Servers/Worlds would close down and the Survivors, freed. He used mental, emotional and even physical methods. But none worked.

The man had still perservered. He had still survived. What is there to do now? Turn back like a coward? Or be a man and free the man working behind the scenes to protect and warn the Survivors? He grasped the key tightly, and freed him. Maxwell was free, but was sent to Wilson's Server/World to survive.

But what now? The throne has no King and will fall soon. There must be a successor. Someone to continue being drained. And Wilson was then chained, just like frail Maxwell.

Until Charlie came and decided to let this poor soul go. Back to his Server/World. She willingly sacrificed herself and became the Queen. Did They like this?

Nope. And now they want blood.

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