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Can we decode this page?

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4 minutes ago, minespatch said:


As I'm a stupid robot who does things literally, I will be looking at the page of Maxwell's book.

It appears to me as a worker with the wrench and stuff. Maybe a hammer worker or a builder worker that Maxwell will never summon due to memories?

Then again, it could be a shadow hand spell which unfortunately malfunctioned and explained the hand emerging out of it?

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36 minutes ago, minespatch said:

It looks quite like it but I wonder where the purple gem went? The staff was also longer, much like a diagonal line separating two halves of the page.

Another thing is that amulet. It could work but yet again, there seem to be missing the gems. The necklace is also too round and curvy whereas the one in the page appears to be a triangle missing a center which has a sideways "S" above it and a squiggly line next to it.

Based on this and Maxwell's lack of knowledge on the Magic Tab (give Maxwell Wicker's magic-smart perk lel) I would assume that this is a primitive form of The Constant's magic throwing away the gems and using nightmare fuel or shadows to replace the handles. Only in the Constant when Maxwell found red and purple gems did the primitive version get improved?

And according to Maxwell's ingame quotes, purple seems to resemble power thus explaining the gem's ability to warp space to ransport it's user. Red resembles fire which I guess also refer's to a phoenix's reviving abilities and thus life itself.

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5 hours ago, GetRektKids said:

Good luck! That photo is quite low resolution...

Sorry about that but maybe the devs can post a higher quality frame from the scene so we can explore it?

7 hours ago, Cassielu said:

It's the ancient rune "Rabbit".5e1f107884aa2_5815d312c8fcc3ce338fb5fb9b45d688d53f20b4-.png.1846171376386605572d9148a09b1085.png

:wilson_shocked:He was trying to pull a rabbit out of his book?

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On 15/01/2020 at 9:17 PM, Cassielu said:

It's the ancient rune "Rabbit".


That would explain the small symbols but not the wrench like thing.

By using my logic, what wrenches usually mean and the theory that he wrench may be a telestaff, I would guess he is trying to either: Construct a shadow rabbit or teleport/steal one from Them.

It would seem like a waste of nightmare power and such to us but as a magician it would be perfectly logical to start with something the audience is used to with a dark twist: Pulling a shadow rabbit out with a shadow hand.

This would not only ready his audience to the darker theme of his magic but also hype them up. Like announcing the rework of the characters but obviously more evil.

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