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Server with more than 6 people

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Yep ! All you have to do is to change a value in your game scripts, don't worry that's a very easy thing to do.

First, this is where your game is located (I presume) :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\databundles\scripts.zip

Inside of this folder you will have a file named tuning.lua, open it and find "MAX_SERVER_SIZE", it is located a line 42 as now.

You just need to change the default value that is 6 by whatever you want, restart your game, and there you go.

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You can also change the maximum number of players in the server data if you make a dedicated server (don't worry about whether your computer/internet is powerful enough, you're already essentially running a dedicated server whenever you host a game that includes caves).

Or you can enter a console command at the main menu to change it when you open the game:


It's probably possible to set it to a number other than 64 but I tend to get error messages if I do, so I generally just click the left arrow button on the generate server page until it comes down to something more reasonable.

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^wow, forumites over-complicating things with console commands as usual.

Simply download these two great client mods to increase your max player count up to 12 or 64 respectively. (And leave a like on their mod page, they deserve it)



After all 6 is just an arbitrary limit Klei puts to non-dedicated servers to avoid lag. You'll be fine as far as your Computer Specs and Internet Connection allows.

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