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I used WX's sounds as a vocoder

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I mentioned on the voice headcanons thread that I vocoded some dialogue with WX's in-game "voice" and some people wanted to hear it, so here it is! (sorry, exporting killed the quality)

Subtitled because I'm still new to this sort of thing and WX isn't really the best sample for it anyway

Side note, I'm surprised Don't Starve doesn't have one of those fan voice acting communities. Is it because those are considered "cringey" now?

Anyway cringe culture is a myth, go ride a bike or something.


...anybody know how to embed from youtube? I'm a dumbins and can't figure it out.

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youtube embed not working
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Just post the youtube link silly goose

Edit: My personal headcanon is that WX's voice is a tad lower pitched than what the video, and it doesn't speak with the odd pauses (but im guessing that's just to match the "tune" of WX's ingame voice)

Other than that, this sounds great!

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