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[Game Update] - 378704

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1 hour ago, Jason said:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed farm plots breaking when crop is mutated with Steeped Lunar Essence.
  • Fixed controller support for OSX
  • Fixed Steeped Lunar Essence forcing stategraph states of target.
  • Fixed steam overlay and in-game store on OSX.


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I do not mean to bother you guys, your probably hard at work with new content updates and character refreshes BUT I would like to know when the Xbox One version of Don’t Starve Together will get some of these patch update fixes?

The Hallowed Nights patch has broken other parts of the game on Xbox One- Merms are now friendly and wont attack at all, even when not playing as Wurt. Also I’ve had to exit the game and relaunch it a few times because while at 100% fully Insane the Terrorbeaks and Crawling Horrors were not spawning.

Im sure these issues have already been brought to your attention- I would just love an ETA on a fix.

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