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Meals for Keeping Warly Alive

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I’m trying to branch out and play as someone other than Woodie, and Warly is someone I find I can really get into playing. Probably because I enjoy cooking IRL, and think it’s fun doing in the game too. I like having a role that benefits the group. Plus I really like a couple of his skins  

Though while I’ve been able to get by so far, I find myself hovering around 25-40 hunger a lot more than I’d like, and I tend to feel like a food vacuum for the camp’s food until we get really set in. 

What are a number of recipes you experienced Warly players use to get past his two day recipe memory, especially in early game? Ideally enough different recipes to where I could eat one of each over the course of two days, without him complaining about it and getting less of a benefit.  

*edit* This is mainly focused on early game too, when you have little to no farms. 

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Feasibly you can eat 5 Meatballs all at once despite the memorization penalties to completely max out your hunger until the next 2.7 days (when you start to starve) however people seem to underestimate the usefulness (at least in early game where monster meat is abundant) Monster Tartare considering it acts as a meatballs with a fresh memory to it, and some downsides that can be cured by other dishes.

If you were to make 2 meatballs, 2 butter muffins, and 1 monster tartare, you will break "above" his max hunger in one sitting. Here's what I use in the very early game to help me survive with all the ingredients I find:

[minimum ingredients needed]

- 4 Monster Meat
- 10 Butterfly Wings
- 2 Vegetable & 4 twigs
- 2 Meatballs (2 mm and 6 butterfly wings)
- 1 Monster TarTare (2 mm and 2 butterfly wings)
- 2 Butter Muffin (2 butterfly wings, 2 carrots/caps, 4 twigs)
Total Stats: if Monster Tartare is eaten first, then Butter Muffins, then Meatballs
* +252.5 Hunger
* +23.7 Health
* -1 Sanity

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The best Hunger food for Warly is Meaty Stew:

  • A Koalefant drops 8x Meat on death, which is enough for 2x Meaty Stew.
  • If mixed with Monster Meat & Berries, you can get 4x Meaty Stew per Koalefant.
  • If mixed with Monster Meat and Morsels, you can get up to 8x Meaty Stew per Koalefant.

Place your Portable Crock Pot next to a Tree or Boulder and lure the Koalefant between them to trap it and to make the first strike.

Warly forgets his meal if he looses a total of 180 Hunger. Eating Meaty Stew once at <100 Hunger and the 2nd time at <115 Hunger will restore a total of 285 Hunger which is enough to survive for 3.17 days. It's not that bad if you forget to eat your 2nd Meaty Stew before reaching 45 Hunger, since eating your 2nd and 3rd Meaty Stew still restores a total of 255 Hunger.

Warly's real penalty isn't the hunger: Eating the same meal 3 times will only apply a 10% penalty.
It's his health & sanity: You won't be able to satisfy yourself only with 3 health or sanity meals, and once you eat more than 3, the penalty will be increased extremly!

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Basically my early game diet include Fistful of Jams (berries), ratatouilles (carrots & shrooms), meatballs (morsels), meaty stews (meats), moster tartares (monster meat), Kaboobs (sticks), Butter muffins (butterflies), Turkey dinners (turkeys), Froggy bunwiches (froglegs), trail mixes (birchnuts), fishsticks (fish) and honey nuggets (honey), honey hams, and bacon and eggs (eggs). Basically these are all resources that you encounter while foraging around and as long as you cycle these, you can easily survive with high hunger levels.

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Since you usually only carry single crockpot, most efficient recipes are the ones that have best hunger/cook time ratio so you don't stand still too long. Those are Meaty Stew (150 hunger points/10 sec), meatballs (62,5 hunger points/10 sec). I usually tend to rely on 4x meatballs diet consumed at the same time - they give you 209,75 hunger points (that means you have to eat when you have 40 hunger or less to avoid wasting hunger value). Once you eat last piece of meatballs, substitute 180 from your current hunger and remember that number - that's when you can eat 4x meatballs again. (If you don't want to remember the value you can eat once your hunger meter reaches 19 points - unless you somehow managed to lose hunger at faster rate, like by sleeping, that will be the time when you can definitely eat 4x meatballs again). If you need to sleep, use replacement foods - fistful of jams (37,5 hunger/10 sec) or spicy chilies (37,5 hunger/10 sec) eaten before sleeping. Butter Muffins (37,5 hunger) are acceptable if you really need hunger and health but they take very long to cook (40 sec). Trail Mix can be good healing food (30 health points/10 sec, 81 health points if you consume 3 in a row) but they require cooking birchnuts first (that really limits the recipe usefulness) but if you can get your hand onto Willow's lighter that will be nice - birchnuts spoil 20 days raw and you can cook them when needed, one at a time. Also, you can use lesser glow berries instead of normal berries, just make sure total fruit value doesn't reach 2 or you'll get glowberry mousse instead.

Kabobs (37,5 hunger/40 sec) and Froggle Bunwich (37,5 hunger/40 sec) are not that good because they take long to be cooked and don't restore much - I wouldn't rely on those especially when nearly starving. Ratatouille (25 hunger/20 sec) is a bit better timewise but it's very low output food and you'll probably lose half of hunger gained by eating one just gathering ingredients.

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