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2kg+ of pO2 and pufts are always starving??

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37 minutes ago, gaucho_tche said:

I've decided to make a dense puft ranching design for meat. Tomorrow i will do it. Since they breath anything it's very sustenable. Can you help on how many i need to kill each turn for 20 dupes?

I haven't done pufts for a very long time so there's a chance my math is wrong, but the same calculation matches up with my hatch numbers so I think it's accurate. 

5 pufts should be able to feed 2 dupes barbecue forever. (1 puft laying an egg approximately every 5 cycles, 2 pufts worth of meat makes 1 4,000kcal barbecue so 1 puft feeds 1 dupe for 2 out of every 5 cycles.) This is approximate due to not all pufts will be happy all the time (grooming delays), replacing dead pufts, and the inevitable puft prince shenanigans. 

The key to this is that it takes time to get going as most of us don't incubate the extra eggs, just the ones for the ranches. We tend to drop excess eggs in water and just let them drown upon hatching. If you want to incubate everything, it'll produce meat sooner, but ultimately just at the same rate. 

Note: Since I mentioned it, a full stable of 8 hatches will feed 5 dupes. 

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pufts are always buggy. I found in my ranch designs that on one generation my breeders would always eat their fill, no problems. Next generation 2/3rds of them starved out and refused to lay eggs. Next generation, broken again. Generation after that, working fine. No conditions changed except, it's a different group of pufts.

Seriously, something as simple as killing the ones that won't eat and auto-wrangling replacements from your working stable is a 50/50 shot of solving problems.

For this reason I'm okay ranching pufts for production (oxylite specifically) but as a food source I tend to steer clear.

(and I've made a few posts about ranching oxylite, I do it in most games)

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1 hour ago, sptagnk said:

many times I see this notification "critter starvation (n)" that happens to my pufts, but then it disappears.

So I think this is a bug.

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As they have pointed out, this is a bug that happens when you have too much things to process (like tons of creatures) or a slow computer. The game bugs in that case, yes, and the creature don't feed in a timely manner, so they starve for some time until the processing resumes and it breaths again.

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On 10/25/2019 at 1:08 PM, Neotuck said:

My favorite choice is using a water sieve with compost.  This would require a PH2O geyser or CO2 geyser (with skimmer) on your map

You can also use a sieve connected to all your toilets and sinks. While not the quickest source of P Dirt, it's the most consistant and reliable.

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If you're just doing this for sustainable food, have you considered dreckos? 

They can be fed on balm lilies, which require no resources at all, just a chlorine atmosphere. Drecks can also provide a steady supply of reed fibre for late game insulation production. 

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