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Easier transportation?


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- The bird whistle can quickly take you to whatever island the roc's cave is connected to, which is nice with the right worldgen.
- A lazy explorer can be used to cross small gaps between islands if they generate close enough together.
- A telelocator focus is considered "inactive" if you're standing on top of it, allowing you to have two that work like your own personal wormhole that's fueled by purple gems.

If your problem is having to head back and forth between cities, though, get the Key to the City! It's one of the items in the Queen's royal gallery, which can be earned by returning lost royal objects to the Queen, such as her crown or scepter. The Key to the City allows you to build your own city structures like town houses, guard towers, and shops! You can use it to expand whichever city you prefer, or you can build your own city anywhere you want.

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Telelocator is the confirmed method.

set one beside the Aporkalypse Calender Ruins,

one near each of the two cities

and one near the Fountain of youth if required by you.

It's probably the reason why there are no wormholes and instead a dark well that poops Purple gems like no tomorrow which you can mostly use on the telelocator focus.

You can also find a Lazy Explorer Staff in the hidden rooms inside any ruins, but it only works if two islands are close enough for you to teleport to.

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