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rampage's custom Don't Starve soundtrack


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At first I would like to say "hello world" to everyone, cause it's my first post here.

My name is Adam, I'm composer and harpsichordist.

Don't Starve (Together) is basically one of my favorite games. Apart from gameplay, things that touched my heart are graphics and OST.

Creativity is my great ally, but I'm not an graphic artist - fanarts and such are just no go for me.

One day, I came up with an idea - music in DS has amazing feel (which i love) and therefore, I decided to compose some music in exactly that atmosphere. It started as college exercise to write music for trailer - without hesistation I redesigned audio for Origin Trailer, which end up pretty well.

Next thing I really wanted to do is to compose some alternative tracks for well known and respected tunes in-game, like Work themes and such.

Therefore, today I made two tracks which, as I think, are good enought to share with fellow Dontstarvers. My aim is to compose full catalog of OSTs, and possibly release it as Steam workshop mod. Here You can see what I have so far.

Maybe You will like it. If so, I'm gonna (maybe) keep it updated with next tracks.


Have good night sleep You all.




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Hey, thanks for the reply! Glad You liked it. 

Surely, Im gonna keep it updated, unfortunately there is no warrancy I will post it regullary, as this is personal, off-time project. 

stay tuned anyway, and thanks! 

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