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How do I move volcanos?

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7 hours ago, maradyne said:

Was gonna ask...how do you even reach the needed 3.5k in survival, much less 9k?

I think there are a few super heating exploits, but I can't remember if there are any left that haven't been patched out yet. Other than that, you could get to 5929.85 with liquid tungsten after you get to 2476.85 with liquid niobium.

Rocket exhaust or metal refinery can help. I forget what other buildings there are that don't overheat, but still generate heat.

Got these from oni-db. buildings that don't overheat and output/receive heat. you still have to worry about what temp they melt at though.

kiln 20kJ
smart storage 0.13kJ
auto dispenser 0.13kJ
outhouse 0.25kJ
lavatory 0.25kJ
shower 0.25kJ
compost 1.13kJ
algae distiller...wait what 1.5kJ
ethanol distiller...ok these things do exist 4.5kJ
oxylite refinery 12kJ
ice-e fan (removes heat) -32kJ
ice maker 16kJ

Just for the sake of being complete, a metal refinery and a glass forge can be used together to get high temps. cobble generators natural tiles have been made using the glass forge. Edit. Forgot to add another vital component to superheating; pump range

Still can't get rid of jimmy neutronium though

Maybe someone can help me out on this one. I think @mathmanican said that aquatuners don't overheat until they get to their melting temperature. I can't remember and this doesn't seem right. maybe he was talking about something else and I'm just being dumb.

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