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How good is Willow now

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mirrormind    273

she's my main but i've not played the game enough since her rework to have a genuine sense for how strong she is now early to late game

more specifically how strong bernie is since the rework made him more important than her

like yeah he has okay damage, health and can be easily repaired but willow has to be insane for him to actually be active , which means she has to involve shadow creatures in every fight with bernie and if she kills a terrorbeak herself bernie will become inactive . last i played bernie also can't travel onto boats or to and from the caves unless willow goes sane to deactivate him

from what i've played of it , willow really doesn't feel comparative to winona soloing bosses with catapults , warly super buffing food or woodies reworked rework transformations having strong combat mobility and gathering

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blizstorm    135

Willow outstanding trait is survivalist. she comes from portal with lighter and bernie. This is important if you are keen on making to base alive if you are joining a day 20+ world, when you do not expect grass at portal. In the same way you call a person reckless for joining in winter, you call a person reckless for not picking willow when joining an old world.

Willow specialty in base is nightmare fuel farming, cooking food over fire and providing bernies. Willow should stay permanently insane and trade sewing kit for nightmare fuel in base. willow also cook raw monster meat, egg and stuff over fire at half the time, so she make a good cook in warly absence. In fact, willow should farm nightmare fuel while managing the kitchen. Bernies are great for characters who have to work while insane, like woodie and wickerbottom.

In short, willow is wilson plus.

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mistrbushido    16

I find BERNIE! to be very useful in the long run in solo play, and I feel that most people undervalue his ability to draw aggro. Because of BERNIE!, I no longer have to worry about surprise hound and worm attacks past day 100. Hound attacks are a joke with him. Worm attacks are a bit trickier, but still much more doable otherwise. BERNIE! is also excellent at dealing with spiders, and is more reliable than Abigail in my opinion. And clearing ruins is ezpz. Don't have to worry about splumonkey swarm because BERNIE! will take care of it. Don't have to worry about multiple damaged bishops and rooks because BERNIE! will distract them for me.

In short, BERNIE! makes life a lot easier in the long run.

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