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  1. Since 5 March, on a daily basis, a few sellers are selling skins on a massive quantity, with price of skin declining about 50%. This is generally across all the skins except for heirloom, guest of honor, funko pop skins. An example of the price plunge I believe someone has managed to obtained 10,000-30,000 accounts, hopefully legitimately, logging in daily to get the skin drop and then selling them to the market. If the trend is to continue, I would expect price of an elegant skin to eventually to drop to 3 cents each.The computational cost of logging in an account daily and then selling it to the market would be very cheap, with the major cost being the cost of purchasing a DST account. So even if the botter is selling elegant skin at 3 cents each, the botter would likely still make a marginal profit. If the trend is to continue, The owner of the bots is expected to profit Players desiring skins would be able to get skin for cheap Current and future owners of skins would experience a devaluation of skin Bona fide players would be less incentivise with the skin drop Klei pricing of skins would be severely depressed by the flood of cheap skins that can be converted to spool. This would then then decrease the revenue of DST and limit its future viability..
  2. Currently, for unsaddled beefalo, left click would usually result in attack. This can result in a severe loss of domestication. These accidental left click tend to happen like when feeding food to beefalo, after beefalo has eaten the last food, it becomes a left click to attack. Another of such situation is when the beefalo dropped the saddle, and because the beefalo is so big, trying to click nearby crockpot, icebox, chest becomes a left click to attack. After the removal, other players can still attack beefalo using the force attack instead.
  3. How about using the regrowthmanager component? regrowthmanager would be an existing system
  4. So the public world I was play on, got targeted by a griefer again, who burnt the surface swamp, cave swamp and lunar swamp Please teach me, how in a public uncompromising world, am I supposed to guard against griefer who burn the reeds? Am I supposed to be 24/7 following the other 7 players around, to watch if they are burning the reeds? If I am wurt or wickerbottom, how should i be playing in this uncompromising world where the reeds have been burnt?
  5. The pig house can sometime be in the way of base placement, which hammering them is a good option to keep. Not only in terms of location, but that it might be a common area area for wurt, webber and wortox to visit, and indestructable pig houses make it troublesome for these characters to ever visit pig king or base there. Other possible ideas for renewability of pig skin could be regeneration of pig head or indestructable pig torch. On hammering ancient station, I had encountered a griefer who destroy all thulecite medallions, destroy all ancient stations, and then hid the key in a chest under a spider den. To teleport the mobs seems fun, but this will likely create a lot of other unintended effect. A tentacle pit typically has 30-90 tentacle. If these tentacles are all sent randomly to the map, Each biome can have around 5 tentacle, hiding behind a tree or near grass or other resources. The random teleport can also be sending fire hounds to oasis base that typically does not protect itself with flingomatics Having a log like wolly logger would be good, but then an interface will need to be created for it. The log would also be very verbose, reporting all sorts of actions like taking stuff, dropping stuff. This can make the log difficult to verify under 1 min. Which, I think obviousclone's idea is a good idea for your wish. Even in democratic government, some of the more important decisions may require 2/3 vote, 90% or unanimous decision, so simple majority may not be good enough for important decision such as regenerating world. The basis for democracy is an informed public, which as much as education goes, there remains severe asymmetry of knowledge in dont starve together. I have thought about having vote is the weightage of log(age), but that system may be too complicated to understand. Hence, I would recommend instead more towards the ability to start vote.
  6. Regarding too few people to kicked, I know of a griefer who specially target worlds with 2 or less people, because he would then be unable to be kicked. I have thought of wishing for the authority for the oldest player to unilaterally kick someone if there is 3 people or less. However, this can then be abused when a person trying to monopolise a world simply kick all newcomer, hence the unilateral power to kick would seem too dangerous. I was just thinking about it too. A slightly more complicated implementation than the 1 hour ban is to freeze a returning kicked player for 30 seconds, while the server is deciding on what to do with the kicked player. The freeze will happen if the player was previously kicked, or left while being frozen. A server announcement is given for the returning kicked player.
  7. Propose and discuss new anti-griefing measures you would like. Announce when a player is hammering an ice flingomatic with foreign owner Regenerate grass tuft around portal in survival world. Limited grass tuft around the portal may have been relocated or burnt. Newcomers are very unlikely to survive without grass. Increase the temporary ban for kicked players from 10 mins to 1 hour. A rollback can set back progress by up to 8 min. The hammer griefer will effectively be stalling the entire world by continuously returning every 10 minutes Drop items for kicked players Provide the interface to vote on rollback by 2 days. Provide the rollback date in the interface Add reeds to the regrowth mechanism Add stalagmite to the regrowth mechanism to renew fossil, perhaps with a renew period of 500 days Add beefalo to possible animal hunt if the hunt is in the big savannah Remove regenerate world vote option from survival world. While there are some legitimate reason to instantly regenerate world, a regenerate vote passed by simple majority seems unfair to the players who want to remain. Tighten the ability start vote from oldest or at least 20 days, to oldest or at least 10% of the world run time My opinion on having a safe zone around portal is that it would immediately provide help since some of the griefing meta is to tentacle the portal, or to place spiders. However, the meta will change, perhaps in 6 months or even 2 years. By then, this safe zone will no longer serve its purpose and it will have to be revised.
  8. Some number for reference: Each crop will take wormwood cost 2 seconds Mass planting crop for non wormwood cost 4.5 seconds Per fruit/vegetable basis, giant crop for non wormwood cost as low as 2.5 seconds. But pairing with inferior filler crop, or usage of expensive fertiliser, will greatly increase the cost, Cooking veggie at furnace cost 1 second for most character, 0.5 second for warly and willow Using the crockpot cost 5 seconds I generally have already have a 40+ pig farm for the pig skin, and generate meat for wigfrid. So the favoured crops are: Potato/tomato for heal. They are the most economical heal, just that cooked potato doesnt last that long, so it is not that good for boss bundle. potato are generally kept in base salt box for general healing and supplement hunger. Main hunger would still be from meat stew. this combination is used even in winter and summer because to use other replacement would incur more penalty. Cooked tomato is the economical boss bundle heal. Tomato/dragonfruit when there are plenty of twigs. dragonpie will be a premium heal, cost about 50% more compared to potato, but it has longer shelf life and provide more hunger for low intensity combat like ruin. The secondary crops are: Pumpkin is the most economical hunger. If strictly farming for hunger, Mono cropping pumpkin with growth formula is more economical than mixing in other crops Corn for powdercake and hunger Garlic to consume the compost nutrient slot in winter, also good for creamy potato, but otherwise filler Onion for warly to cook Pepper for the spice Carrot for bunny hutch. Once the bunny farms are done, it become useless The useless crops: Durian get outclassed by pumpkin for hunger Eggplant are less flexible compared to potato, in terms of season or crockpot recipe Asparagus are inferior to corn or garlic. For consuming compost nutrient in winter, garlic will be better since you need to plant less of these filler crop Pomengrate due to the fast spoilage. Watermelon are inferior to vegetable stinger, creamy potato, salsa fresca or cooked green cap.
  9. Why are you polling us on what klei thinks? My guess is regulating the griefers is too expensive for a company. People burning bases may not as that clear all the time. Some could be a misclick due to torch. Then there are other form of griefing like looting which may simply be disagreement. A banlist is crated, and then you have to entertain appeals, maliciious reporting etc. Each grief report can easily cost 1 manhour to process. A copy of the game cost less than 10 dollar, and may not even be enough to pay for 1 hour of labour in US/canada.
  10. Time is the biggest constraint and resource. For a wormwood mass planting pumpkin, it is 0.5 second for a quick plant, and 1.5 second for a harvesting action, with the pumpkin and seed inside the inventory at the end of 2 second. A quick eating animation is 0.5 second, so it is 2.5 second for 37.5 hunger, or 7200 hunger to the belly for 480 seconds of farming and eating. For the bunny farm that is nerfed. Assume there is a 104 bunny hutch catapult setup. Killing the bunnies and picking the loot from the 104 hutch farm will pretty much take a day and assuming all bunnies were killed without loss of carrot, the loot is 208 carrot 78 meat. Assume you get 39 monster meat for free, it would take 195 seconds to cook 39 meat stew; 5 seconds to cook each crockpot dish. Eating those 39 meat stew would take 39 seconds, and 169 carrot would take 84.5 seconds. In total, you would take 798.5 seconds for 7962.5 hunger to the belly. The bunny farm requires more liberal assumptions, more setup and is considered by klei to OP. By this metric, I would consider the farming at the moment to be OP then.
  11. Awwww... I think spore cloud destroying the food in icebox is more fun. All the toad fight that got into trouble when the team food supply got destroyed