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  1. I consider Klei server to be unplayable at the moment. The restart after due to a random crash made it a no go for me. There are simply too many bugs that crash the server. Klei has been on Amazon servers for more than 2 years. However, it was the revamp about 6 months ago that somehow lost the ability to reload when there is an update/crash
  2. Anyone is hunting down the bug on spiders using excess computation? In the past, spider farming can be done with 50 spider dens, but now, even 10 spider dens use too much computation to lag the world. The excessive computation seems to come from spiders spawning from spider dens, and spiders following webber does not seem to be that much of a problem
  3. Resetting with every patch is bad enough. Resetting because of any crash made the klei public servers unplayable for me. I am staying away from public server for now, and there seems to be less public server players currently.
  4. This must be a very complicated bug, even with a re-report
  5. Killing glommer just before full moon, and after taking the glommer flower, you will get the red glommer flower, but there is no glommer. The statue does not respawn another flower/glommer. Rolling back the server does not fix the problem.
  6. The Rabbit Trap and Glommer Goop are currently missing Ipsguiggle was here! cave is unavailable Would this be the appropriate place to report the malfunction of Klei servers?
  7. Currently, for Slurtle Slime, Pengull Parade, The Stinking Merm, Here Piggie Piggie, the server is running very slowly, that new players are disconnected within 5 second of entering. It might be related to a bug of the server trying to save the file. Klei might want to consider having a save bypass code. Like if the save file cannot be finished written in 30 seconds, the game might want to give up on trying to save, and just move on instead, while providing a warning
  8. Awwww... I think spore cloud destroying the food in icebox is more fun. All the toad fight that got into trouble when the team food supply got destroyed