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  1. Servers with 1000+ Days

    Please be specific What does the 'people' in here refers to? Does it refer to griefers or the random people? what specific act of griefing are you referring to? in general, what you are saying is "do not grief others so that they will not grief you"? I had generalised it to "treat people nicely and they will be nice to you". They are similar concepts and the arguments will still hold well.
  2. Servers with 1000+ Days

    I have seen your other post in other thread, but unfortunately, it is locked. You seem to come from the belief that "treat people nicely and they will be nice to you". Fundamentally, I agree with you. I treat people nicely unless there are circumstances otherwise. Practically, there are limits to how nice you can treat others. I started playing on Klei servers. I used to believe that the more people there are in the base, the better the base will be. Hence, I used to make marking the base as a priority, a task to be done within the first 20 days. I used to put signs from portal, leading to base, and also to drop moonlens. Then in one world at about day 100, when I was alone, a willow came to base and burn it. I was still silly enough to ask "why are you doing it?". I was helpless then, I cannot even rollback or kick. I then questioned myself for committing to a world that is going to be reset and griefed since I am powerless. I then retreated to blizstorm's world for 3000 days. Over there, the entire base is under ocuvigil. I can monitor the entire base using minimap and newcomer can find base. Griefers still came; those that hit the surface, were quickly caught and the damage undone. There are some however, who damaged the cave, ate 10 deerclops eyeballs. The damage was noticed too late to be undone. I tour old worlds, to get ideas from them. There was one Klei world that eventually survived to 3427 days. There was where I learnt combat griefers is actually viable in Klei servers. I then have my 5k Klei world challenge. On my first attempt, at around day 300, 2 wickerbottoms, using the same name and skin, were running around in my base when I was alone. They then read tentacles in base and fortunately, they died to tentacles first. I rather have the tentacles in base and them dead than to rollback. These 2 trolls would then come back daily, and they change their name. They would also troll probably another 100 worlds, and I was not even there. On Clayfish, the touchstones are only tentacles on day 1500, after the appearance of the first persistent griefer. So in my opinion, most griefers attack unprovoked. In the eyes of these griefers, the existence of worlds is a crime. You would be grossly understating the significance of Clayfish if you think there is only a single griefer. I have decisions to make, and in my opinion, the potential increase in griefers from tentacles in touchstone, would be less than the immediate threat of revival of persistent griefers. I would advise you to just settle it as just a difference in opinions and values. If you want to claim that unconditional nice treatment of people is superior, you would have to first prove it. One way to do so is by making portal base on Klei world, bring it to 6615 days. By your belief, since people are treated nicely unconditionally, they should not be griefing your base. They should be loving the world, to stay and defend it, longer than Clayfish 6614 days.With base at the portal, newcomer instantly get light, warmth, and company without the frustration. By the way, I think frustration is an essential element of the game that should not be removed. I frustrate my teammate, when I deny my teammate rollback when they lose their tamed beefalo, when they lost a boss fight with 20 death, or when they are rerolling for good loot from from klaus. Sadly, my deny may not always succeed since the votes are decided democratically. A 1600 days blizstorm's world is also regenerated when 2 people made stupid mistakes and died. Random people are needed to keep DST interesting, for me at least. I have a friend, who had a passworded dedicated server stacked with veterans. The world died within 100 days from boredom. Griefers provide unscripted attacks, attacks deadlier than hounds. They successfully destroy solo unguarded base, and hence griefers instill a siege mentality, to encourage team play instead of solo play. If you comb through the posts made by my teammates, they are not angry about losing a 6614 days world. They are veterans on Klei servers, who have played enough and not rage despite losing a world record; they have accepted the existence of griefers in game. I dislike griefers, but I do not cower in fear of them. What my teammates are unhappy about, is the falsehood. I do not think anyone, including people who have been griefed, is entitled to spread lies. I own up what has been done. If you choose to lie or argue unreasonably, I would ignore you. There is no way I can win an unreasonable person logically. When I started the 5k challenge, I already identified regeneration vote to be the key challenge. The easy way would be to get some auto eat macro and 7 bots to fill the slots. I would probably also tentacles the portal. But I took the hard way. I have to make the world fun enough, for at least 4 players to stay and defend it. No regeneration vote can go through when there is at least 4 people to vote against it.
  3. Servers with 1000+ Days

    I thought the quality of posts between the different parties should be discerning enough. On one side, you have people who disrespect the naming rule, changes name so often, deny all attempts to offer evidence. By the way, of the 3 threads, one person made 2 threads. Furthermore, Habberdash is now retracting his allegations. You should wonder what Habberdash saw that he is now retracting his allegations. Allow me to give you a possible story. There is someone, an identified griefer in some communities, who perceive division of labour as slavery, the indifference of newcomer as cruelty against newbies, education as dictatorship. Hence, he takes up on a crusade to destroy a 4000 days old world, by first hammering flingomatics and blowing up bunny hutches with gunpowder. He happens to be killed by gunpowder. For the destruction, that someone is labelled as a griefer by the majority of the people on the world. Hence, that someone was murdered and kicked. Him being murdered, was perceived to be as every player on the world conspiring against him and the rest. This person, would change different name to get back onto the world, hoping no one would remember him and perhaps revive him. He would also run to different discord channels, getting people to help regenerate the world, lying about day count if he has to. As an act of charity, I held griefers on the world, since griefer ghost on Clayfish are pretty harmless, and if they are on Clayfish, they cannot be griefing other worlds. Unfortunately, while holding these ghosts, they meet up and conspire, to later get enough numbers to regenerate the world. This someone then joined the Klei forum, providing allegations without evidence. x0VERSUS1y decided they are credible insiders, and to champion their cause, making a libel if he has to. 10+ players who were not part of the founding team, liked the world and hence they stayed and defended it. These players were offended by the falsehood, and they refute the allegations This person, later joined ipsguiggle, and was surprised that he was kicked. He then make another thread, alleging that the same group would not allow new people to join, but there are still reports of new people joining. He felt entitled to join after griefing on other world! When he was murdered on ipsguiggle, he was carrying 80 gunpowder. i wonder what is that is that good for... ipsguiggle was later regenerated by by this someone and his crusaders Well, this is just a possible story. A griefer can joln Klei word 10 minutes after they are kicked. They have up to 30 seconds to burn and hammer your base each time they join. Are you going to make 7 players, lose up to 7*8 minutes of playtime, every 10 minutes whenever a griefer join? My solution is to murder them and block their revival. Is your solution to deny of my 'right' to play Klei world because of griefers? Do you have a better solution?
  4. Servers with 1000+ Days

    Habberdash, can you explain what you saw that convinced you were wrong? You have hidden your previous thread, and among which, some experiences of other players. In particular, I liked Sinsenza's story. Just a reminder to everyone, that revenge griefing is discouraged, and would be a bannable offence in some DST communities. Perhaps the wisdom is that truth may be distorted by different perspective and malicious lies Clayfish had a troll who ran to a few discord channels, claiming he had 500 days on clayfish and were asking for people to regenerate the world. Fortunately, the seniors in those communities were wise to point out to no revenge griefing
  5. I repeat again, it is not by me. You would have to wait for the creator to show up, or you can ponder and experiment it yourself. Diverse Survivor is already having a turf art competition very soon The turf at pig king is carpet turf, as part of my team war against ... twiggy tree and unemployment. All I have to do is to incept the idea into the maxwells, and they will do the rest.
  6. This masterpiece is too good to vanish from my steam chat. I will let it be archived over here. The rocky turf may be gone; The spider dens may be gone; but this place, will still have spider. Made by my teammate, in dedication to their 'mama', who is actually a snowspider. So by right, there should have been a snowspider edition...
  7. What x0VERSUS1y has posted is outright libel and I am deeply offended. x0VERSUS1y seems to have willfully misquoted my statement, ignoring both the statements before and after the paragraph. i believed x0VERSUS1y has provided false information that harmed the reputation of my account, and x0VERSUS1y should correct his post the soonest possible, or that moderators should take action
  8. This is my thought on the 'right' to play. I, including trolls and people who were kicked, are allowed by klei, to join klei servers. After that, I have up to 30 seconds to do whatever I want, including burning buildings, sadly, allowed by klei too. Players, are allowed by klei, to vote on who to kick, democratically. Players, can continue playing, until they incur enough displeasure of other players. Different players have different metrics of displeasure though. Some of them are: burning buildings, taking items such as krampus sack, eating more food than you need, leading bosses and hounds to base, failure to comply to instruction, using offensive languages, being unproductive, being a ghost, occupying slots meant for friends, or a history of these, or a perception of these. By the way, the metrics that I gave, are not exactly the metrics that I used for kicking. So basically, I have no right to play; I can play as long as I do not incur sufficient displeasure. This is how the 'right' to play, is balanced by the other players, of their 'right' to not play with me. The ability to play, is different from the 'right' to be alive, or the 'right' to be revived, or the 'right' to revive using touch stone. Regarding these rights, you can consult Klei to give you god mode. For kz2, the story that I heard is that you and 2 other friends were expecting to be alive when you joined the world in early winter. There are wiser players who have picked their battle wisely, and hence they lived. Dealing with trollsssssssssssss is bad enough. My team do not want to deal with trollssssssssssssss with 3 lives. My team has decided to tentacle the touch stones. My team has to accept that the touchstones would remain unusable to us too, and that public are the collateral damage in the war against trolls. This collateral damage is already reduced compared to tentacles at the portal.
  9. Romp! You need to caption your photo! The others do not understand the significance of them. The first one, is a dragonfly fight, with walking cane only, no wall, no sleep. We have one wig who used umbrella though
  10. My team has soldiered on, victorious for 6613 days, until we finally lost on day 6614. Clayfish has been regenerated by vote, started by a day 24 ghost. Once again, I would challenge DST veterans to break this record. Make a record longer than this, provide a megabase experience to the public, make new friends, deal with the odds, embrace the togethereness of DST. I would again petition for the removal of regeneration vote from survival. This is how a 6614 day world fell to a day 24 ghost The swamp in Clayfish was burnt in day 5200+, by another griefer. The swamp has lived longer than I expected, but I would again petition for regrowth mechanism added for reeds. Anyone who has taken photo of the base, feel free to post it now, otherwise, I am fine that the base remains a secret to the players. I honestly only have that 1 photo of base. It has lived in my head.
  11. yisishoujo, I have a challenge for you. Make a portal base on klei server and play it as long as you can. This will be even more challenging that eating carrot and berries XD
  12. Regarding how the survival server lasted so long, my teammate already answered the question. I have already hinted at my solution. Regarding griefers, the world definitely has its share of griefer and my team have to deal with them. At about day 17, someone already burnt the base. If I remember correctly, at day 550, my team already lost our entire pig farm of 50 pig houses that my team could not roll back away. As for how my team deal with griefers, you have to play to find out. After I have publicised the world, griefing has increased. We cant win against troll, we can only seek to not lose against them. This is like Dont Starve, we cant win the game, but we can only seek to not die. Knowledge about long run and griefer combat is not on wiki, yet. Take it as playing Dont Starve again, on a higher level; this time, there is no wiki to read, no data to mine; if you lose to trolls, you start over again; learn to treasure any information mine you come across. This world, is the cumulation of my experience, my teamates' experience, the experience of the people I met and taught me in the past worlds.
  13. The server is Clayfish was here! Just a picture from me. The rest, you would have to play to find out. This challenge started out as a Klei server 400 days challenge, which can easily be done alone, over a weekend. A Klei server I joined accidentally went over the 400 days, onward to 3427 days. Hence, I created a 5000 days challenge, which would take about a real month. After 3 attempts, against the odds, we did it, with friends of old and new. Friends made from the earlier attempts, and also friends made from the latest attempt. The success of this challenge shows that there are still a good number of decent players playing on Klei public servers. To my team, thank you for helping me. Klei has a policy against of naming individuals, so you can pop by this thread instead. My goal for the world is complete, and I have no more objective for it, perhaps other than to just keep it alive for our tourists.We have to accept that this wonderful world face an inevitable death. To DST veterans, I would challenge you to break this record. Make a record longer than this, provide a megabase experience to the public, make new friends, deal with the odds, embrace the togethereness of DST. Do multiplayer challenge, instead of solo challenge, for DST.
  14. How about: Prep 100 bernies beside bee queen. Eat glommer goops. "Rise, my army!"