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  1. It's not really fair to compare full screen vision of the moggles to a small light radius. I find having the whole screen valuable for combat in complete darkness, and it makes it easier to deal with things like nightmare creatures and shadow splumonkeys than with just a small light radius. I find that most of my initial fear of the ruins was because I was limiting myself to miner hats and lanterns, which is essentially going in blind. Yes, if I'm just traveling in the dark, I'll be conservative and stick to miner hat. But if I'm going to do combat in total darkness, I am always going to use the moggles for that. By the way, I encourage you to learn how to fight depths worms. They are not very difficult to kite, and even in groups, they are easier to handle than hounds. The morning star is my weapon of choice for them.
  2. Oh my god. You don't know how long I've needed this. This definitely needs to be a feature
  3. Chopping webbed mushtrees triggers regular spider dens.
  4. One of my favorite features of shipwrecked is the variety of precipitation types (wind and rain, hail and constant lightning, heavy rain and flooding). It would be nice to see more variety in DST besides just plain rain and snow.
  5. Kinda related, but I feel they should also work on the shadow creature sounds. The shapeshifting sounds that they do when getting attacked in singleplayer are non-existant, and I feel it would be nice to have those in DST though at a lower volume. Also, in DST the nightmarebeak death sound cuts off abruptly, and the terrorbeak threatening cry is muted.
  6. I agree that bunnymen are much more practical than merms for boss fights (at least specifically bee queen). Merm guards are potentially better for these two reasons: 1. They do not panic, so they will finish the bee queen fight faster since they will continue attacking. 2. When you have 40+ merms, it becomes much better than 40+ bunnymen because at those numbers, bunnymen crowd around bee queen and half of them can't even reach the target. Kiting merms do not have this issue. I will still pick bunnymen over merms though, because I would have to feed all 40+ merms in order to use them. With bunnymen, I don't even have to feed any of them because they will auto attack. I also have to play as Wurt to use the merms, and the advantage (maybe a minute or two faster) isn't really worth it in my opinion.
  7. [Poll] On Mains

    This is kind of my sentiment as well. Whichever character I choose to play is very situational and depends on what I want to accomplish or what role I want to fill. Sometimes I want to be webby boy and provide everyone with mm and silk. Other times I might choose Willow because I want BERNIE!. Though I do have a favorite (Woodie), I also like to explore other character's playstyles as well because it would be boring otherwise.
  8. I did some testing, and found the bird drops can be generalized in this way: If the entity of the bird drop (seeds, twigs, grass, flint) is on the ground or in a player's inventory within two tiles, the bird will not drop the item when it flies away.
  9. About no-eyed deer: Every autumn between 8-15 days in (exact bounds uncertain), a herd of 4-6 no-eyed deer spawn. If there is no existing herd, a new one will spawn in one of three places: the deciduous forest around the pig king, the mosaic terrain, or the extra deciduous forest if that is present in the world. These deer are special in that they grow antlers every winter about 2-3 days in. If a herd exists and the number of antler-growing deer in the world is less than 7, an additional 4-6 deer will spawn among them instead of spawning a new herd. Because of this, the maximum number of antler-growing deer in a world is 12. The herd will despawn after the end of winter unless it is near 20 player-built structures (e.g. walls, science machines, etc). Antler-growing deer are distinct from the deer that are spawned with Klaus. Those deer persist in the world, and they do not grow antlers.
  10. Once you've gotten to the point where surviving is no problem, you kind of have to find new things to do. Set new goals for yourself and do the things that aren't mandatory per se. Go kill dragonfly. Clear the ruins. Make a volt goat farm. Do the moonstone event. Herd geckos. Create a base in monkey hell. It's kinda up to you to figure out what to do. Maybe you can find some inspiration in the screenshot showcase thread.
  11. What have you tried so far? I ask because I've not played Wurt extensively, and I'm curious to how people approach this problem. The first idea that comes to mind is to keep space out pig houses away from each other (or cage each one) so you can individually convert them to werepigs. The other idea is to build a conventional pig farm with bait, and visit only on full moons.
  12. If the only issue that you want to avoid is hostile merms, you only need to keep a Merm King alive. Merms will be neutral to other players if there is a Merm King present in the world, so there is no need to keep making disguises for your teammates. However, if your teammates want to help feed the king or befriend merms, they still need the disguise for those.
  13. That juicy 4.25 dmg per hit
  14. I've been trying this out, and it seems the saplings revert back to the regular form after some time. Not sure yet if this still makes them disease-free.
  15. When blue mushtrees become webbed, the map icons do not update under an ocuvigil. They will only update when a player visits.