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  1. It would be nice to have the same for refrigerators, and smart storages actually. You probably meant the hysteresis controls previously found only on the smart battery.
  2. Not sure of cause, but appears to have happened after loading a save that just recently achieved the Great Escape. All duplicants will ignore all door permissions and treat them as default (pass left and right). Issue can be temporarily fixed by changing door settings, but requires manually fiddling with each and every door. The issue reappears when reloading future saves. Lone Pine.sav
  3. When catching spores, they would nearly always have 80% or less spoilage. Sometimes they would spoil right before catching. This occurred even with freshly spawned spores.
  4. Occurs in multi-room interiors other than the first room. Can sometimes pause and quit to main menu. Reopening the world results in normal frame rate, but oincs from carpet are not recovered. The type of carpet does not matter. Issue only occurs with carpets. Other furniture demolishes normally.
  5. You can't have anything within a 12 unit radius (3 tiles) of the pig king, so I'm afraid you'll have to clear it out.
  6. I built my own city hall in shipwrecked for the first time.
  7. This bug appears to have resurfaced. I'm getting this bug in the current version with Hamlet compatibility enabled.
  8. My understanding is that the wetness doesn’t decrease at all when the ambient temperature is below 0, though this is true for characters away from fires. I assumed the world wetness behaved similarly. So there is a fixed time to drying below 0 degrees?
  9. Chopping webbed mushtrees triggers regular spider dens.
  10. I did some testing, and found the bird drops can be generalized in this way: If the entity of the bird drop (seeds, twigs, grass, flint) is on the ground or in a player's inventory within two tiles, the bird will not drop the item when it flies away.
  11. About no-eyed deer: Every autumn between 8-15 days in (exact bounds uncertain), a herd of 4-6 no-eyed deer spawn. If there is no existing herd, a new one will spawn in one of three places: the deciduous forest around the pig king, the mosaic terrain, or the extra deciduous forest if that is present in the world. These deer are special in that they grow antlers every winter about 2-3 days in. If a herd exists and the number of antler-growing deer in the world is less than 7, an additional 4-6 deer will spawn among them instead of spawning a new herd. Because of this, the maximum number of antler-growing deer in a world is 12. The herd will despawn after the end of winter unless it is near 20 player-built structures (e.g. walls, science machines, etc). Antler-growing deer are distinct from the deer that are spawned with Klaus. Those deer persist in the world, and they do not grow antlers.
  12. When blue mushtrees become webbed, the map icons do not update under an ocuvigil. They will only update when a player visits.
  13. That's because the Merm King is present. Merms will become aggressive when the MK dies. Not sure if this is intended.
  14. Merms are not aggressive against any of the giants, bee queen, or dragonfly. They also are not aggressive to any monsters (e.g. hounds, spiders), but those monsters will attack the merms. Interesting however, is that kingless merms will be hostile to bunnymen, but will becomem neutral to them if the king is present.