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  1. It would be nice to have the same for refrigerators, and smart storages actually. You probably meant the hysteresis controls previously found only on the smart battery.
  2. Mosaic is always connected to the starting biome.
  3. Not sure of cause, but appears to have happened after loading a save that just recently achieved the Great Escape. All duplicants will ignore all door permissions and treat them as default (pass left and right). Issue can be temporarily fixed by changing door settings, but requires manually fiddling with each and every door. The issue reappears when reloading future saves. Lone Pine.sav
  4. Keyboard and mouse users are not without some inconsistency. With the mouse: When right-clicking an equipped tool or weapon in the hand slot, it usually unequips the item right? Not with the telelocator staff. Instead, it makes you teleport yourself, which is kinda annoying and can ruin your day. You could waste 3 purple gems, or teleport into a varg farm that you're trying to set up. Definitely not speaking from experience.....
  5. reflexion about some mobs

    I think the point he was making was that giants showing up at your base uninvited is the whole theme of RoG. They are intended to wreck your base. Also, how would you tank DS Dragonfly easily knowing it’s constantly enraged? I’d die very quickly to fire damage.
  6. I remember this one player that would try desperately to set up multiple shadow pieces for day 21. You'd think a 20 player server could handle it, but nope. It was always chaos. In a way, more players actually makes the game harder, not easier.
  7. Perhaps in the curio cabinet, the unskinned version should be shown so it's easier to recognize the item being reskinned. Something like this: Reskins For now though, there really is no need to blame the guy for mistaking one item for another. They already feel bad for making the mistake. Ridiculing them for making that mistake doesn't help.
  8. Not well known is that flooring affects bird spawn behavior (e.g. crows will not land on grass turf, redbirds/snowbirds will not land on anything other than grass, forest, savanna). But I won't deny it is otherwise largely cosmetic. I actually prefer using the morning star. The jelly gives you 4 (5?) minutes of electric damage, which have to use right away. Morning star lasts 8 minutes and is weaker, but I can choose when to use the 8 minutes. I also don't have to worry about spoiling jelly. Most of the time, combat is very short-lived and never lasts long enough to make me bother with switching to Warly to make jelly. I think the morning star is fine as is, but I wouldn't mind a slight buff to damage. I feel these items are reserved for the late game, where you can set up varg farms for gems to make use of these. I think the near-instant drop to 5 degrees body temperature is worth the effort. It's also nice for emergency fire extinguishing. What else would you need from it? This item is meant to be an item you make because you have no other choice. Think starting a game in spring, which is actually possible on default in single player Don't Starve. Moggles as a concept makes sense. Moleworms are underground dwellers; Moggles allows you to see underground. I think they are balanced very well for this purpose. --- Most items have their own specific uses, some more niche than others. Yeah, I'll agree that some of the items really need a boost, but c'mon. Don't complain about moggles, luxury fans, bq crowns, or even the rainometer. They all have their uses, and are fine as they are. This game is all about learning to make use of all the tools available to you. Some uses are a bit more nuanced, and so require a bit more effort to find some use for them.
  9. Walls or fences are reliable, though avoid building fences diagonally, as the monkeys can clip through them. Boulders, sculptures or non-walls will let some pass through when you walk away and unload the area.
  10. how to play webber?

    You only need one piece of meat to start a spider war. They'll just keep attacking each other until most are dead.
  11. [Game Update] - 386795

    When catching spores, they would nearly always have 80% or less spoilage. Sometimes they would spoil right before catching. This occurred even with freshly spawned spores.
  12. [Game Update] - 386795

    Thank you so much for fixing this
  13. This one lets you drop items on a grid automatically https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1608191708