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Fisrt time rocket launcher ask old timers for advice

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Hello old timers ! Yes, I mean  -> You


Here are some noob questions (not sure the archived threads I looked up are accurate, so here is a new one):


* on a 37% network (alertes for meteors 1 to 74 sec before) can I switch one scanner (out of 3) to detect a returning rocket?

It does not change the 37% network value so I assume once you have a functionnal netwok, it's the same for rockets and meteors. Correct?

EDIT: nope. Need another scanner dedidaced for rocket.

* how to detect returning rockets during a meteor storm?

The network % is now zero. Short answer is then: you can't :)

Again, digging in the archives, it seems there are three ways:

1/ the hard way. A bit out of my league. No even sure it's up to date.

2/ A simple way (thanks to Francis video, this year): a covered scanner but space access on it's right wing.

Not sure it work as scanner base is never exposed itself to space, or if partial opening to space on the right gives more than 0% quality scanning.

And as for detection during meteors shower, it adds 0% network to .. 0%.

EDIT: this is correct, this scanner in the image below is convenientely near the rocket but could be antwhere in term of quality (always 0%).


3/ Same source as above: let the scanner out in the open, and repair as needed.

this one is garanteed to work, but repair and space taken are a bit of a downside.


Do experts in rockets have a fourth, elegant, idiot-proof (like myself) solution? :)

Thanks a lot for reading !


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If you have a functioning scanner network, you can use a completely covered scanner, separated from the others to detect the rocket. That's the advantage of it being in a network. If you build the rocket bay out of bunker tile, you can just leave it open. Also, once the scanner detects meteors or a rocket, it will continue to do so even if visibility is reduced to 0.

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EDIT: Ooops, I basically said the same thing as @Xuhybrid.

You can actually build a third scanner underground and set it to detect rockets. The interesting thing is that as long as other two scanners have access to the sky, the third one will leech off that coverage for the purposes of detecting rockets. And you'll always have it active, no matter the bunker doors.

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35 minutes ago, Argelle said:

Thanks for your inputs @Xuhybrid and @Tobruk

I shall need an extra scanner for rockets then and it will detect rockets fine when bunker doors are open.

What is left to resolve is, how to detect rocket if incoming during a meteors storm?

I think you get just enough seconds to open the doors (powered!) with the underground scanner, even if you've got no coverage.


EDIT: @Argelle I just browsed my previous posts about rockets and I might have forgotten some details and mislead you. Here's the thread.

So basically during meteor shower the underground scanner dips to 0%, just as you said in the OP.

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