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Space scanners exposition to sky?

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Not figuring out the wiki data, I turn to you to make sens of the space scanner.

First verification, can I assume no heavy machinery interference here?


Pink rectangle is 15 tiles around the scanner center (31x31). Ladder, pipe, gaz tile, mesh tile, are present (should not affect), door and statue removed later (no effect on scan quality),

The quality should depend on the sky exposure:


Four columns exposed (or 14+15+15+13 =57 tiles) => scan quality 17%.


Seven columns (11+12+13+14+15+15+13 = 93 tiles) => scan quality 30%. Nice.

But how does this fit with wiki's calculus?


For maximum quality, the scanner must:

  • Have the center tile exposed to the sky (above the bottom left corner of the scanner). [+6.7%]  < check
  • Have 13 to 15 tiles exposed to the sky on both sides in a V shape centered on the center tile, for a total of 28 tiles. This does not include tiles above the build limit. [+3.3% for each successive tile, up to 50% per side] < partial check

That's were i'm lost. "for each .. tile" looks like a surface to me (surface of a cone).

57 tiles (4 columns) => 17% quality

93 tiles (7 columns) => scan quality 30%

"+3.3% for each successive tile" does not correlate well with tiles. That should give 100%, not the case.

Can it be +3.3% per column exposed to the sky?

4 columns x 3.3% = 13.2% + 6.7% for center tile => 19.9% (observed = 17% quality)

7 columns x 3.3% = 23.1% + 6.7% for center tile => 29.8% (observed = 30% quality)

Any help, advice would be appreciated :)

For reference:

wiki https://oxygennotincluded.gamepedia.com/Space_Scanner

video on the set up by Tony, smart automation by Gus, scanner ideas by Brothgar

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