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  1. The whole "issue" with gas grass is you need to give them sunlight, as you can't get artificial lights to be bright enough to grow them. I believe they still keep that requirement if wild planted, but I haven't tested to verify.
  2. I'm pretty sure transformers only generate heat when power passes through them. Otherwise I'd have a much hotter base than I actually have.
  3. I finally went through the insane hassle it is to get Gas Grass up and running, but now I'm trying to figure out how to get the Gassy Moo into the area. I assume I need an Airborne Critter Bait to capture it, but what resource do I use as bait?
  4. I assume this is the european style of numbering and you don't mean '15' and '30' pacu. In any case, I'm almost certain the game will become a slideshow well before you hit 15k pacu.
  5. It's not too terribly difficult to get 100% scanner network quality. In fact, it doesn't even take up much area:
  6. I finally went to the temporal tear today, and I was expecting a cutscene/cinematic based on reading other posts. However, I got nothing more than a journal entry and a colony achievement :(. When I went to look at the colony achievement, I noticed a big red 'X' next to 'Achievements' and it says "Platform achievements cannot be unlocked because a debug command was used in this colony." I have a million questions... Am I totally screwed? I never did anything in debug mode, and I only entered it by accident as it's very easy to accidentally hit backspace when you mean to press backslash. Is there some way to turn off that flag? Was this what killed the cutscene, or is that just not working or not present? Oh, and finally, why did my dupe come back from the temporal tear? The game made it sound like it was a one-way trip in several places.
  7. Right, that's what I was referring to. My ATs are set to run as long as they don't go past a thermal limit and their is either enough steam or enough water in the chamber. The way I "turn them off" is simply restricting any fluid going into the loop. This means it has to cool down 110 KG of coolant to flush the inlet pipe after the shutoff valve as well as the coolent currently in the loop. I could speed things up by shortening the inlet pipe slightly, and overriding the loop so it always kicks out fluid regardless of the target temperature. However, I never need to shut off an AT that quickly, and thus the negatives outweigh the slight benefit.
  8. Alternatively, you can run your bypass outside of the steam chamber, which is what I do. It has some trade-offs though. Pros: Less piping within the steam chamber, allowing you to fill it with other pipes (e.g. for metal refinery cooling) Easier to work on piping, as you don't need to take it out of service by purging the steam chamber Less time for coolant to transfer heat to the steam; though if you're using pipe made of insulation this may not be a concern Cons: Cannot immediately shut down the AT without leaving fluid in pipes within the steam chamber. I just tolerate a slower shutdown. Less compact if you don't need to run additional pipes within the chamber So it's really up to your needs which makes more sense.
  9. Duplicants for some reason will refuse to repair certain pipe, regardless of what priority you have it set to. For example, here they can be seen repairing damaged (but not broken) obsidian insulated pipe elsewhere (which they have been doing for several cycles!) while the broken pipe at '!!' priority remains untouched, even though several dupes go idle:
  10. Apparently you can also use this to put blocks of steel into the world:
  11. A small pocket of CO2 (825g) appears to be causing massive pressures to build up in a tank of mine, to the point where it's literally breaking the walls of the tank, despite being very close to the open-air surface of the polluted water. I've repaired the walls once, but they ultimately break again. Bunker.sav
  12. Okay, so I promised to update this after using hydrogen rockets, so here it is. I did a synchronized launch to try and create a worst-case scenario: The wire on the left you see melting was all copper, so that's not surprising. The same is true for the automation gates that melted. But the best part? The tungsten wires are actually cooler than they were with the petroleum rockets. I'm not sure if there's just more exhaust, or it's cooler, or what, but I'm crossing my fingers it stays intact for future launches. The main issue now is the bunker doors below are overheating. I'm not sure if there's a way around that, but please let me know if you know of one.
  13. Deep fryer

    Like converting crude to petroleum inside a pipe. As it is now I basically don't bother with petroleum as I can take care of my plastic needs with glossy dreckos (though that does take more dupe time), and I quickly replace my petroleum rockets with LH2 engines. I mean sure, you can still boil it outside a pipe, but then you need to either cool it back down in situ or have thermium pumps. But usually by the time I have thermium, I'm already on LH2...
  14. Yeah, I already have a lot of this in spreadsheets. I'm mostly trying to figure out how to adapt the raw material properties into the stats for each building. I can see this being done several ways: They have some internal DB for every material and everything you can build with it that they create custom values for. They use some formula that considers possibly mass and some "hidden" values for certain things (e.g. a multiplier for TC between 0 and 1 for insulated things), along with the base attributes, to get the resulting values. Some combination of the above. I'm guessing (or perhaps just hoping) it's the second. I'm going to plot out some values to see if it even makes sense, but it would still leave quite a bit of either reverse engineering or manual data extraction & entry. And, that's the best case scenario; if it's the first or third, I'm definitely going to have to find some way to automate the process.
  15. I know about the two databases of information, as well as the in-game DB, but none of these are comprehensive. I'm often looking for other information that can't be found in any of these. Namely, "What is the X of Y when built of Z?" where 'X' is some property, usually SHC / TC / MP, 'Y' is some building (e.g. pipe, tile, etc) and 'Z' the material it's constructed of (e.g. steel, ceramic, etc.). Is there anything like this that I'm just not aware of? Ideally in a table format so things can be sorted or quickly pulled into a spreadsheet. Alternatively, if nothing exists, I'd be interested in making one. How do those two sites extract their information from ONI? Via a plugin? Any guidance on where to get started would be appreciated.