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  1. Fertilizer is... not that great, honestly. I plan all my farms around not requiring it, due to the dirt requirement. If anything it's more of a nuisance as it takes up duplicant time, so who cares if you get 3t of it? Lime is hardly an "end product", and if they want it to print something else instead, they have only two options: egg shells and fossils. Both of which are easily converted into lime, but I guess I'd be fine with that instead. Plastic is a bit trickier, but I haven't messed around long enough in QoL2 to know if it can print liquids like crude oil or petroleum yet. Still, getting even a little bit of plastic early on is a very welcome change considering it's needed for the HP vent.
  2. My bathroom, which has 50% more lavs and showers than it needs: Abe is being a bit of a perv at the moment...
  3. It would be nice to be able to build unmanned rockets, perhaps requiring some high-tier research and/or advanced materials. I mainly want this as I like to run low-dupe count colonies, but that becomes impossible when you want to fly a lot of rockets simultaneously.
  4. In the process of testing this now. Things are honestly so bad right now that the only way I can reliably launch a rocket via my automation is to set the game into "slow" speed, otherwise the timing gets so off that it usually won't even launch due to bunker doors being closed when they should be open. All my rockets are on some deep space missions, but I'll see if this improves things after they get back and I can launch them again.
  5. I use bookmarks, as it's the only way to move around the map quickly. It becomes even more important when things get laggy and dragging just causes the framerate to plummet even further.
  6. Too Much Hydrogen

    This isn't quite true, as there are some tricks to make LH2 without super coolant. That said, the only practical way to make a lot quickly is with SC.
  7. I think the #1 thing that worsens performance is revealing more of the map, as it just gives the game more to simulate. The problem is, without revealing more, you're just stuck in the middle with no geysers, and not much to do. In other games like this, e.g. Factorio, I know the devs load up massive bases (I suspect created by players) and use that to stress test their game. I suspect the ONI devs do the same, or are at least planning on it. Or rather, I hope they are... Perhaps Nitroturtle could provide them with a stress testing save?
  8. Let us know how this turns out. I'm a the point where I'm hesitant to do anything else in my game because the FPS is so bad.
  9. Considering that the only real challenge of this game is maintaining massive amounts of dupes, this doesn't surprise me. I'd do one of those "accept X dupes" challenges, but the game is laggy enough on only 8.
  10. This isn't true. Or rather, it's not 100% of the time. For instance, in my current game, I have thermium liquid shutoffs below my rockets for refueling. They still overheat, and I've repaired them twice (so far). The first time I repaired them, I got the thermium back (looking at the resource tracker on the right side of the screen), but the second time, I did not.
  11. I'm thinking I may do the same, but with LOX instead of H2O. It doesn't have the specific heat that water has, but it is a lot colder to start. I'm mainly hoping to reduce the area below the rocket that I need to use high-temp materials in.
  12. I hope Klei plans to fix this, as my silos are already quite tall, and needing to keep 9 more tiles clear below them (despite the fact that the exhaust should be blocked) just makes things worse. The problem with "cooling" things is the rocket flash heats things, e.g. automation, so even if you try to cool things it will take way too long to be effective during the launch itself.
  13. Power grid layout

    In theory there are advantages of the large transformer, but transformers are so bugged right now I almost recommend against using them entirely. For example, doing: [power source] -> Conductive Wire -> Lg Transformer -> Heavy Conductive Wire battery bank -> Lg Transformer -> Conductive Wire -> [load] Will break so many things right now. I have a single steam generator that magically produces 4 KW by itself in this setup, which is constantly overloading the conductive wire, and needing repair from dupes. You can also get more power from dupes running on hamster wheels than should be possible, and easily jam well over 1KW of electricity through a single small transformer even though that isn't supposed to be possible either. All in all, they create at least as many problems as they solve. Edit: Here's a screenshot to show what I mean. Only 2KW is produced, but somehow 4KW is consumed.
  14. My only problem, with this or any automated critter killer, is they don't look at the age of the critters being killed. I usually like to kill off the oldest ones first, as they won't lay as many (or possibly any) more eggs. As far as I can tell, nothing short of human intervention can read the age of the critters, so I ultimately gave up bothering. Sleet wheat and pincha peppers are easier to farm and give the same bonus as BBQ when cooked, unless "Soul Food" actually does something. Does it?
  15. So things can melt while they're on the rail? That's not too bad then, as I can bring it into a hot box and take care of it once it's melted. I mainly didn't want to have to melt it in the middle of an ice biome. Thanks!