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  1. Duplicants for some reason will refuse to repair certain pipe, regardless of what priority you have it set to. For example, here they can be seen repairing damaged (but not broken) obsidian insulated pipe elsewhere (which they have been doing for several cycles!) while the broken pipe at '!!' priority remains untouched, even though several dupes go idle:
  2. A small pocket of CO2 (825g) appears to be causing massive pressures to build up in a tank of mine, to the point where it's literally breaking the walls of the tank, despite being very close to the open-air surface of the polluted water. I've repaired the walls once, but they ultimately break again. Bunker.sav
  3. I also had some achievements not work with Steam (no sandbox mode either). Oddly, I just started playing on the Linux version and got some that didn't work on Windows, so that might be a workaround if you really want to get them.
  4. I'm curious, can we know how Klei is planning to "fix" this? Are we ultimately going to be allowed to use bridges that terminate on the unused portion of logic gates, or are we going to be prevented from building bridges if they terminate there? I hope it's the former, but I need to be prepared if it's the latter. Also, it seems for some weird reason memory toggles are not affected by the bug?
  5. When trying to sort duplicants by their skill points in the skills screen, the sorting doesn't work (either ascending or descending):
  6. Whenever I load my saved game, one of the automation wires is disconnected, even though I've connected it several times. As far as I can tell, this only affects wire built on the farthest left tile, which must be built fairly high in order to get above the neutronium. Additionally, sometimes it still looks like it's connected, even though it's not: Other times it will show it as being disconnected (as if I never dragged the wire with the mouse between the two) when loading. You can truly reconnect it by clicking and dragging wire over it, but it's a hassle to remember to do this every time you load the game.
  7. It's tough to give a definitive number, because FPS is subject to so many other things. For instance, right now I've noticed that if you don't reload your game every so often, it will tank, and after reloading, it can be smooth as butter for while. The biggest reason I avoid lots of dupes though is plumbing. Building/destroying plumbing will cause major FPS drops, and the more dupes that do this at the same time, the worse the spikes become. I think it's also a problem for ventilation, conveyors, and wires, but to a lesser extent. With less dupes, while the spikes occur over a longer period of time, they tend to have less impact with each one. YMMV.
  8. Actually when I started out I got many, many, many more dupes. Over time I've gotten less and less, as there are upsides. Namely, FPS, especially in late game, is better. So I see no reason to get the 12 that the printing pod keeps asking for.
  9. Ah, weird that it reads the temp just fine but doesn't react to it. Thanks! It's still a bug though, just the cause is finally identified.
  10. How many dupes do you have? I feel like I'm the only person who has either never had this happened, or just never noticed/cared. That said, I run with an extremely low number of dupes for most of the game, at 4. Only take more when I just need to stuff them into rockets and leave them there for the rest of their lives, i.e. eternity.
  11. I'm not sure why but that thermo sensor (and possibly others near it) appears to not work at all. That is, no matter what temperature I set it to, it always sends a red signal. I know it was working at one point, but it's not any longer, even after saving and reloading. I can attach a save file if that would be helpful. Edit: Save attached! Bunker.sav
  12. I've set it to be green if the fluid is below -4C, but -4.5C polluted water is still sending a red signal?
  13. I can confirm that tiles can and do go missing. This post of mine goes into greater detail, and it's very hard to actually catch this happening, though its effects can be substantial. They can also spontaneously reappear even without reloading a save. Edit: Not sure if this the same bug, as in my case while a tile went missing it was not rendered on the screen, though usually they'd go missing while they were offscreen.
  14. Not sure what causes this, but it has happened twice in my game. A large wall of dirt will appear and slice through some objects (like solar panels), but not others (like insulated walls).
  15. Ah, I didn't realize you could actually delete them in debug mode. Thanks!