Whats everyone's fav cards

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Just curious what people are putting in there decks. Been having a blast making decks with recall and just the facts while using bulldoze and hostility cards to close out negotiations on turn 1 or 2. Domineer/tyrannize and this ends now probably the most fun decks to build around for me. Also having a lot of fun with decks with airtight with magnetic draw/setup and just rapid fire for tones of damage and composure.

As for combat been enjoying bleed decks a lot. Lacerate feels pretty good now and you can knock people out of the fight fast with how powerful hemorrhage is. So much fun when you have boulder stance and spines together lol. combo is just broken, throw in some decent defensive cards and you might not take any damage in a fight. But yeah was just wondering what kind of strats are working for you guys?


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This game is absolutely awesome! I adore it soo much! :D

But I'm really bad at cards names. Would be cool if we would have a possibility to share decks. But It's not like a must-have feature so I doubt we gonna get it soon.

With regards to fav deck there are a lot of fun and cool stuf! Discard and bleeding deck seem's to me the most powerful. They provide you a ton of healing and damage. Wound decks is also interesting but they more graftand allies dependent.

Combo decks is like ok. But sometimes it's realy hard to make them work.

Haven't played counter deck yet. 

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So far, the card combos I had most fun playing were:


  • Inside Fighting + Switch Blade + Dagger Storm
  • Target Practice/Gut Shot/Blade Flurry + Uppercut + Enrage
  • Deception + Slippery + Backstab


  • Beguile + Planning
  • Bulldozer + Domineer
  • Invective + Elucidate
  • Rapid Fire + Setup + Visionary Point
  • Agitation/Menacing Air + Non Sequitur

Decks I've had the most success with: bleed in general + Boulder Stance (battle), hostility in general (negotiation).

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If you want to share decks just take a print screen and post it.

Counter decks are pretty fun lol. Slippery and battle scars is one of my fav combos. Whats nice is its like a discard deck too at the same time so you can use seeker and into the night to stay healthy. Right now i think all negotiation deck types are pretty equal right now. Glad to se others are enjoying the game as much as me.

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Just finished my run using pretty interesting negotiation deck build with dominance and manipulate cards wich allowed to draw like hell and gain extra actions. Almost every battle I was able to cycle this deck like 2-4 times and kill my oponent in 1 turn. But this deck really sucks against bartenders :D So I shouldn't probably go for Oloo way.

Core cards were:

- Brainstorm, Reconsider, Second Wind, Recall

- Tyrannize, Domineer

- Setup, Level Playing Field.

+ I've had ~ 10 extra hostility cards

Btw I just wonder is there a chanse to build deck using only maniputate cards?

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1 hour ago, TheCoolestFool said:

Pure purple eh. Be kinda hard lol since almost all of them support rather then do damage. Something doubt based would be your only option.

Doubt is probably the one thing that enemies have absolutely zero counters to in the game. I had run with 3 Seeds of Doubt and it was already quite strong (you probably don't need more since they don't exhaust anyway) without combos like Duplicity/Deceive/Exploit Weakness. Purple has quite a few strong Composure options (and Bait) so it's definitely doable. 

Drain Resolve is also pretty useful especially early on. 


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The Assault + Aerosol combo is borderline overpowered. Just find a way to use as many cards as possible during your turn and finish it off with an Assault and Aerosol and you're doing 40+ damage in 1 action. Once, I managed to do something ridiculous like 86 damage through the use of Rummage. When it comes to negotiation, I find it pretty effective to stockpile Influence and then start dishing out Pale Impressions, By the Books, Intrigue, and Second Wind or Ergo just for good measure to brute force through their core resolve before they can really have a chance to do damage.

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