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  1. Congratz with picking up a Kripparian!
  2. I think for Sal it's not a thing (at least for me) but mb give us (experimental players) a way to submit our decks for a final boss fight? That way you can collect info about archetypes we make and then set up a counterplay (make our lives not that easy I would say). I know there are a lot of other players who play this game more casual way and we are testing their deck (imagine one test I had a deck which consists of 104 cards!), but as I see the game, there should be several builds which we should all be aiming for. In another case, I don't feel it's possible to balance the game at all. Not sure if I'm correct with my suggestion.
  3. The overall idea of testing is good but It feels really weird to me what to do. Should I sit on 1 seed and test with different options? Or I should pick up new a seed every time? Is there a way to reduce that amount of decks to 10-15 archetypes? Or maybe give us a way to draft decks? (or even let us pass to the auction with our own decks - I know it's possible, did it once).
  4. Ha, tricked you! Still here. Still selling fake doors trying to get in. Still struggling. But it's ok. Take your time.
  5. Thanks for a quick fix but still struggling. So, its already 11 PM. Have to go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow. (:
  6. Hooray! Very glad to hear the news. Hey, guys should "Assasin's mark" also include an Unplayable keyword? Some cards like "Gnarled effigy", "Zyn's razor", "Known thug" etc. have Unplayable at the bottom of the description and some ("Spare blades", "Winded", "Volatile Spark") at the top. Not sure if this big deal but maybe it would be a good idea to put a little standardization?
  7. Interesting! Praying for the time when there is gonna be a line in changelog with the text "Deleted DoAlphaMessage()"
  8. Btw I could not send this idea with feedback form and maybe it's very meh but could you implement some gui wich will show social grafts of characters in game? Here is an example. When you hover over name\relationship such window should pop up (look at Asnitho): With no text frame wich should only appear when you hover over an appropriate graft icon. But probably it would be nice to be able to toggle this feature in option menu.
  9. Have you visited folder Kevin mentioned? C:\Users\!UserName!\AppData\Roaming\Klei\Griftlands_testing\!RandomID!\saves Lol. All the time I thought it's not a bug You could share this story with us and we will help it get polished.
  10. So I can hardly wait to play it! You are geniuses guys!
  11. Agree to Breather. Little bit confusing. In my opinion instead of "Spend 2 combo: Play this card 3 times. Gain 2 Counter. Gain 2 Defence." // feels like card does nothing if you do not spend Combo// would be better to swap positions, like "Gain 2 Counter. Gain 2 Defence. Spend 2 combo: Play this card 2 times extra."
  12. Wow, new menu is coool! Maybe it's really just a point of view? For me it's like you just follow card text and if it stays to X times you just do this X times instead normal once. P.S. Played only base game of Dominion and Intrigue expansion. Haven't faced this kind of problem.
  13. I'ts definetely not a fun art but man, this generation made me laugh like for 5 minutes in a row.
  14. No, please! Let them talk! Give them rights to express themselves.