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  1. Guys I wont believe what I have seen today! So I was fooling around Havaria and then I met my beloved Oshnu. And she talked to me! She asked me to deliver her message to Kevin. Also she menitioned if their rights would not be restored they will create an animal resistance and fight for their freedom to express themselves.
  2. You could find answer here:
  3. I didn't even think its a bug. Thought they were talking using their natural language and some modern havarian device was translating their speech into common language.
  4. Not sure if this a case. E.g. Hraklea made infinit combo with 2 Rummagies and Barbstorm. And I don't think the infinit is a problem because it's not that easy to make it work. You need to get lucky on removing your basic cards and obtaining appropriate set of other cards asap. I restarted my run more than 50 time to gather all puzzle pieces. And it was boring
  5. Relax you are doing great! You got a lot of money though. Was it badge or something else?
  6. Here is also something interesting to learn e.g. how to get a tunnel syndrome
  7. Hey guys. Share your best fights! From my experience boss fights are cool but sometimes fights against regular people are super amasing! Today got very interesting fight at the middle of the day 3. Handle it!
  8. Drusk Boss Battle

    Man ~20 walkthough 19 Shroogs and 1 Drusk boss (which is desecrated me at pure kill-all-characters build).
  9. I might say from my own experience starter deck is all about "play what you draw". If you draw a hostile cards use Attitude branch. Otherwise go for Inspiration. I argree it's harder to pull of "hostile" strategy with base deck. But sometimes it's even better because u surely wanna upgrade Fast Talks and have a chance to remove them from your deck asap. Btw Attitude now hits for 2 damage. That's not bad start!
  10. But there is only 98 wounds. It's much less than 99. So everything is ok. Kidding.
  11. Today I learned: wounds can't go above 99 on your Hero!
  12. I thought we would have to unlock them before they would appear in the codex. But they are already visible. No challenge ):
  13. Very cool! Are we going to fight against Metallic enemies so piercieng would be valuable?
  14. Yeah, you are guys at Klei are super amazing!
  15. Seems like UI is little bit broken for now.