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Random mats turning up in unexpected places

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I just found my water sieve had stopped working because it was full of ignigous rock and lead....


I found my guys wasn't putting critter eggs in a storage container because it was full of rocks.


At least the storage container somehow had rocks turned on for storage, not that I can explain how the lone storage container that is the ONLY one in the asteroid could change from just pokeshell eggs to pokeshell eggs and rocks. It's not possible for it to be some weird copy mistake, even if there was any containers nearby so that mistake was possible, it's that no other container in the asteroid has pokeshell eggs and I would have to open the menu to select the single type of rock, it wasn't just all rocks. That is a impossible mistake to make.


This is just the two latest examples that I just noticed before I decided it was time for a bug quit, because this stuff is hard to handle, launch has been a really bad experience so far, so many bugs.

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