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  1. Water Sieves only request more filtration medium, while the output pipe isn´t blocked. Current errands get cancelled, as soon as output pipe is blocked again. Acropolis.sav
  2. The pWater looses 2,4% of its mass per cycle. I tested that with a 2t and a 4t bottle. Seems to be linear.
  3. How much pOx are 8,7t off-gassing? I want to know if it´s linear with increasing bottleweight.
  4. The NatGas Generator seems to have a default priority of 5. So you could enforce tune up´s by setting other operate tasks to a lower priority. It's more of a workaround, though.
  5. My NatGas generators get a microchip delivery & tune up while disabled. And you should make a bugreport for the coal delivery. This should not happen IMO.
  6. Had that happen with a switch behind a locked door. But it´s not happening anymore too. Hope your example has a better reproducibility.
  7. Don´t know why, but it´s not happening anymore.
  8. Ari tries to path through a locked door to deliver pWater to a bottleemptier on "Autobottle". She pumps a bottle, then drops it, and start over getting stuck in an infinite loop till breaktime. Sheep Base Mine.sav
  9. Yeah I noticed this, but when I gave a "toggle switch" command for the switch above the grooming station a dupe picked the job, realized he can´t pass through the door and got stucked in an infinite "toggle switch" loop...
  10. Frankie doesn´t care, that no one is allowed to pass this pneumatic door. The "Move to" button does, however.
  11. dupe after dinner expression

    This is not happening in my game. Is it possible that stale ingredients maybe cause this?