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  1. Actually they are dropped from the Loader output to the ground. Afaik they dont get deleted. I could not replicate this. Nevermind, saw it in your save. Save/Load seems to fix it...
  2. Happens to conveyor bridges with blocked output, they drop the stuff at the input port. Happens to conveyor loaders with blocked output. Transdimensional Spacepad.sav
  3. They do, but much slower than on-screen. I´m using Nightinggales Sensory Overload Mod to get around this bug.
  4. Same problem here. Tutorial audio playback is fine but videoplayback stutters or does not play at all. Win7 x64 Output_log.txt shows videocodec related errors: output_log.txt
  5. It is necessary to uproot the branches to get a new seed chance, and you need a pip to get the seed. Chance per new branch is 5%.
  6. According to the tooltip, they should get 500kCal. Instead, their calories will be reset to 10000kCal. Idyllic Cosmos.sav
  7. This Shine Bug wants to die. The Darkest Paradise.sav
  8. You can use pneumatic doors, as a workaround, to push the bottles up and make them fall onto the pplate again. That triggers the weight sensor.
  9. After Update 324351 they finally got sick.
  10. The dupes on the screenshot are exposed to slime & food poison germs for 30 cycles nonstop, but they do not get sick. All dupes have the biohazard trait. Immunity difficulty is miserable. The Inescapable Panopticon.sav
  11. Seems the Ore Dump Station does not count as storage building (like the critter feeder). Is that intentional? If one has storage bins with a higher priority than the dumper, dupes supply the dumper from the bins nonetheless.
  12. If one have a storage bin set to "sweep only" and priority 9, and sweep debris errands on priority 1, the sweep debris errands get priority 9 instead of 1. AFAIK storage bin priority shouldn´t override sweep errand priority, it shoud only determine which bins get filled first, shouldn´t it?
  13. You have to use the dropdown arrows next to dupenames @Junksteel They are using the station when putting on a new hat.
  14. Happens when dupes have high construction skill. The deconstruction progress bar disappears in less than a second. But the animation plays for ~5 seconds. Canceling the deconstruction, after the progress bar disappears, while the animation still plays, makes the tile/wire/pipe disappear instantly. Acropolis.sav