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  1. Actually they are dropped from the Loader output to the ground. Afaik they dont get deleted. I could not replicate this. Nevermind, saw it in your save. Save/Load seems to fix it...
  2. Happens to conveyor bridges with blocked output, they drop the stuff at the input port. Happens to conveyor loaders with blocked output. Transdimensional Spacepad.sav
  3. Shove vole farm?

    Obsidian tiles work too.
  4. It´s a bug reported multiple times, but got no attention so far. Their Calories Counter always jumps to 10000kCal whenever they eat something. Even when they were starving.
  5. Technically the Dupe is located at the Rock Crusher Automation Port, while operating the Crusher. Just make sure motion sensor & light covers it. ..Otto is not where he seems to be
  6. @Saturnus posted a nice workaround a while ago:
  7. Schedule tweaking

    Dupes sleep until they reach 100% stamina even when sleeptime is over already If sleeptime isn´t over they sleep on until it is. . There is no negative impact. But they lose 20% Stress/Cycle while sleeping.
  8. They do, but much slower than on-screen. I´m using Nightinggales Sensory Overload Mod to get around this bug.
  9. Getting acorns

    Getting acorns works for me. My Pips harvested 58 seeds in ~300 cycles. I think chance is 5% per new branch.
  10. The Conveyer Rail Temperature Sensor seems to have have a problem with empty conveyer rail boxes. The game throws a "Error Occured. Please restart the game" message and pauses the game. A bridge in front of the sensor kinda fixes this since it removes empty boxes. Output_log: Screenshot
  11. I had Igneous Rock stored in a fridge, but it only happened once.
  12. The Conveyer Rail Element Sensor seems to have no element list. Or do I miss something?
  13. Auto-wrangle help

    Critters need to be able to walk to a Drop-Off to be Auto-Wrangled and the baby hatch can´t. Also baby critters can´t be Auto-Wrangled.
  14. IMO the bug is that Dispensers act like the Critter Feeders and not like Containers. This is how I use them
  15. New build Buildings are never hotter than 45°C. Even when construction material was 60°C. You just discovered the building temperature clamp. I vaguely remember that Ice Maker Storage is insulated,(I might be wrong)