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bugged rocket bay after finishing temporal rift?

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Ok. So I sent a rocket through the wormhole.. Well it is on the way there (might be important?)

I have not done this before. So the problem is, the game will not let me construct a new rocket in the place/rocket bay from where my long distance rocket left for the rift. Now that rocket as far as i know will not come back and I m not really happy with leaving my fully automated hydrogen/liquid oxygen rocket bay unused for the future. I m not done playing the map yet. Is there anything I can do to be able to make a rocket again in the bay.. or will that solve itself once the rocket reach the rift? Or is that bay dead for the rest of the game on this map?


Happy for help. I attached screenshot of the rocket bay if that is any help ..so pretty much when trying to build the game acts as if i still got a rocket occupying the bay...

Edit: tested re starting game, did not help



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Sorry to bump this one. But something quite unexpected happened. The rocket AND the pilot duplicant returned. After the 40 cycles or so traveltime to the wormhole the rocket returned like from any other mission to the rocket bay.. It took me by surprise and wrecked all the bunker doors and stuff since I had disabled my scanners for the rocket by then...

Like @Cairath wrote, escape means not coming back... So why did the rocket and pilot return?

Is this intended? Anyone else this happened too?

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7 minutes ago, Cairath said:

@Ketmol I wasn't 100% sure of what happens -- I've only been told, and looks like 'twas incorrect :p Although it made perfect sense to me that 'escape' actually meant that the rocket won't come back D:

Same.. I mean this is a new thing.. so except for people with very much time on their hands or people using de-bug/exploration mode this is something I imagine not to many have done yet.

I personally like to discover new features using survival mode, and thus it takes a bit of time... But I was so sure the rocket would be gone.. I think I even read it somewhere on the forum (I might be wrong about that)

So I m not sure if this thread belongs here on in bug-report (or if it is a bug at all?)

Just seems counter intuitive and not logical to have the duplicant and the rocket escaping coming back...

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@6Havok9 I am sorry that this is spoiler, But I did tag the post with temporal rift. There are plenty of spoilers on the forum about in-game content. Best practice to avoid in game spoilers might be avoiding threads about stuff you don't wanna get spoiled.

However ugly-cry could have been the best response possible if you were a duplicant many many patches ago since it was once the only way of getting a renewable water source in-game... Well that, vomit and pee If I remember correctly...

..on a serious note. I am sorry m8. I did not mean to spoil anything. I could have posted an end-game spoiler or so to be more clear about it as an additional tag. I am a bit to used to everyone discussing every single little bit of the game during early access on this forum so that I did not think about that someone could be sad about stuff getting spoiled.


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