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shoo! Keep critters out of blocks

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omg, honestly, i get that occasionally a creature may get accidentally "built into a wall" .. actually, no. i don't.

why do creatures get built into walls/floors etc? what kind of sick, demented duplicants do we have here?

in building a set of no more that 30 tiles, 5, FIVE, shinebugs decided to suicide at the last second, into the damn squares.

Pips, they too are just as bad, if not worse, especially as they LOVE to stand sideways in the space you are building a mesh tile.

why are the animals this stupid? to stand in the way, when nuts and bolts are flying at them, death literally being forcefully projected at their face..

why do the duplicants not shoo them away?  please. DETA will be on you otherwise.

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I remember trying to change my drecko stable to hydroponic (to switch to bristles and save dirt). Dreckos got stuck half the time i replaced a farm tile. Like they did it on purpose.

Now that we got dupes agressively running away when being build on critters should get the same treatment.

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Or a critter overlay otherwise would be nice to have! Cause some of those critters are the same temperature as the tiles you build over them.
You can only spot them when hovering with your mouse pointer over said tiles.
Or ofcourse be area wrangling if they can be wrangled.

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Definitely agree, I'm not sure why it was decided that this was still an OK behavior for the full release.  And it's something, as stated above, that's pretty easy to overlook, I mean I don't watch my dupes build every single tile and even in an airflow tile I only noticed they'd trapped my slickster in there when I saw that one was missing.

Even if wrangling them out of the walls works fine, is that reasonable?  (EDIT: it definitely doesn't work for pufts) You can just build a critter into a wall and then grab them out somehow without disturbing the wall?  I know not everything is realistic in this game (by a longshot for sure) but that seems like it breaks the immersion more than usual...

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