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  1. While on the subject. Next to allowed item temp, and allowed item, please also add germ allowed item or not. To prevent bringing germ infected items inside your base.
  2. The priority curse

    @Crimsontide The best way to sweep is by placing, depending on the need, one or more Storage Compactors near the place you need swept. Put them on sweep only and if possible tick only the items you need swept from the room. Put it also at a higher priority, if you have other containers to store the same stuff in your base. Now to prevent the running all over your base, it is best to micromanage the Duplicants a bit. Just give a move to order to the Duplicant with proper sweep/Storage settings to near the newly placed storage compactors. If all goes well, the Duplicant(s) should stay in the area to pick up all the debris and place it in the sweep only compactors. Sweep/Storage errands are generated by the Storage Compactors, not by the Duplicants, that is why managing their priorities is important. I usually work with 1, 2 and 3 and reserve 4 and above for tasks that need doing quickly. Or like Slime and Bleachstone which you want to store as quickly as possible.
  3. I have set up my skill tweaking mod to Move the Wrangling feature, to Farming 1: I left the Grooming Station for Ranching Level 1. I have taken a look at requiring the Shearing Station to have a Perk requirement, but I didn't find an easy hook in to implement this. Otherwise I would have added that requirement as a perk and added it to Ranching 2. This tweak is best combined with my other mod: Reorganized Research where I made a seperate line for Ranching and put the Critter Drop Off Point on the first step. This way, you can have Farmers, quite soon Wrangling critters and move them to the desired location. Taming them is still reserved for Grooming Station usage, so I find this fairly balanced.
  4. I would like to request some extra Skill slots and Perk slots. I can only execute in part my mod Skill Tweaking, due to missing Skill slots. I would like the possibility to add a Ranching III, Tidying III, Grilling III, ... Idem for Traits. Luckily 4 traits where unused, still that is not a lot to work with. I can work around that be combining Simple Perks with Attribute Perks, and figgling with the texts. But if possible I would love something a bit easier to work with. If we could get 4 Skill Slots per SkillGroup we could extend the current 12 to 4 Skills / Group Or we could create 4 new Skillgroups if we limit ourself to 3 Skills / Group. So 48 Total. For traits I propose at an average of 2 Perk Slots per Skill. So 96. Total. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. Yep, was looking through the code and noticed the same thing. Gourmet is excluded in combination with Cuisine / Cooking, which is strange to say the least. Since Uncultured cannot do art. It is expected that Simple Tastes also cannot Cook. However Simple Taste can cook. So either Uncultured is wrong or Gourmet is wrong. All other Aptitude booster can combine with their skill. So Foodie needs to be altered.
  6. I'm modding the skilltree at the moment. I encountered a roadblock in my development as I cannot add extra Skills to the skill tree. E.g Extending Cooking with Grilling III To a lesser degree I have the same issue with Skillperks. I found 4 unused ones, but still I would at minimum need a Skill Perk per Skill (when expanded if you would expand the skill part). As I found a way to recombine skillperks into one Perk, if you are willing to mess with names and descriptions. A few extra skillgroups would also feel handy, and especially a better way to reorganize them (maybe and extra order field or something), cause currently I'm doing this via transpiling, which is way to hacky to be robust to future updates. Thank you for your consideration.
  7. @fiziologus Just placed my mod Reorganized Research online Your code was an immense help to kickstart my mod. Learned a lot. I tweaked the code here and there to suit my needs better. So thank you for making this possible.
  8. Regarding the checkpoints. I think a NO GERMS Beyond this point would also be nice to have. Aswell as an item filter checkpoint on what can be brought inside: like no bleachstone, no slime, ... only Algae beyond this point, ...
  9. Take a look at this Mod: Fluid Shipping: it has a bottle and canister inserter into pipes. Very useful!
  10. When a geyser, vent or volcano is spawned as part of a POI and that spawn point is on or part of the edge of the map (Neutronium part). They Neutronium of the geyser spawns, but the geyser itself will never appear.
  11. Narcoleptics

    Yeah; I don't agree with the loudsleeper trait being negative. It is one of the best negative traits you can get. I always have barracks set up with 8 cots. And have 8 seperate schedules. No dupe in that room sleeps together with a different one. And even so, you can set it up in 4 schedules and still not have issues. Just isolate the snorer's bed 3 cells from the others if they need to be on the same schedule.
  12. Going through the code, I cannot find any reference to an attribute or value that easily changes this. Furthermore the way the code seems structured, it seems that if we want to change this, it will be for all duplicants and all tasks at the same time. Will be gladly proven otherwise. The first indication I found regarding what a duplicant standard has as reach is the following In Class OffsetGroups public static CellOffset[] Standard = OffsetGroups.InitGrid(-2, 2, -3, 3); However various other functions seems that increasing this grid won't suffice.
  13. @Pholith If you do happen to find this. Would it also possible to integrate this into the skill tree? I think reducing initial range by 1 and then having each Construction skill apply a +1 bonus, so in the end it becomes +2 range. Would be wonderful. Or give leave default range as is. And give a +2 range increase upon mastering Construction. However I gladly settle for a quick mod that increase range + 2 as I like to design my floors as 4 high and 2 inbetween layers, and that way I can easily construct a new level from the bottom, without cumbersome ladder builds.
  14. Or a critter overlay otherwise would be nice to have! Cause some of those critters are the same temperature as the tiles you build over them. You can only spot them when hovering with your mouse pointer over said tiles. Or ofcourse be area wrangling if they can be wrangled.
  15. @Cairath Are you still working on Eerie Colors? I saw it mentioned earlier in the thread, but couldn't find any reference to it?