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  1. While developing my mod to alter the Research Screen I noticed that the Smart Battery (in code: BatterySmart) is assigned in Database.Techs in the part of public static Dictionary<string, string[]> TECH_GROUPING = new Dictionary<string, string[]> To both Acoustics { "Acoustics", new string[] { "Phonobox", "BatterySmart", "PowerControlStation" } }, and { "GenericSensors", new string[] { LogicTimeOfDaySensorConfig.ID, LogicTimerSensorConfig.ID, "FloorSwitch", LogicElementSensorGasConfig.ID, LogicElementSensorLiquidConfig.ID, "BatterySmart", "LogicGateNOT" } }, Code wise this runs fine, but if the code ever gets switched around and Generic Sensors is placed before Acoustics the Smart Battery will also switch places in the Research Tree, which may not be desirable.
  2. As far as I could figure out, you can alter temperature settings, but you cannot add extra entries. E.g. Changing Hot to min 800° - 1000° K is possible. Adding MySuperHot: 800° - 1000° K is not possible. The game code uses an enumeration for all possible settings, so you cannot add your own. This can be found in ProcGen.Temperature public enum Range { ExtremelyCold, VeryCold, Cold, Cool, Mild, Room, HumanWarm, HumanHot, Hot, VeryHot, ExtremelyHot }
  3. I would like to request some extra Skill slots and Perk slots. I can only execute in part my mod Skill Tweaking, due to missing Skill slots. I would like the possibility to add a Ranching III, Tidying III, Grilling III, ... Idem for Traits. Luckily 4 traits where unused, still that is not a lot to work with. I can work around that be combining Simple Perks with Attribute Perks, and figgling with the texts. But if possible I would love something a bit easier to work with. If we could get 4 Skill Slots per SkillGroup we could extend the current 12 to 4 Skills / Group Or we could create 4 new Skillgroups if we limit ourself to 3 Skills / Group. So 48 Total. For traits I propose at an average of 2 Perk Slots per Skill. So 96. Total. Thanks for your consideration.
  4. Yep, was looking through the code and noticed the same thing. Gourmet is excluded in combination with Cuisine / Cooking, which is strange to say the least. Since Uncultured cannot do art. It is expected that Simple Tastes also cannot Cook. However Simple Taste can cook. So either Uncultured is wrong or Gourmet is wrong. All other Aptitude booster can combine with their skill. So Foodie needs to be altered.
  5. I'm modding the skilltree at the moment. I encountered a roadblock in my development as I cannot add extra Skills to the skill tree. E.g Extending Cooking with Grilling III To a lesser degree I have the same issue with Skillperks. I found 4 unused ones, but still I would at minimum need a Skill Perk per Skill (when expanded if you would expand the skill part). As I found a way to recombine skillperks into one Perk, if you are willing to mess with names and descriptions. A few extra skillgroups would also feel handy, and especially a better way to reorganize them (maybe and extra order field or something), cause currently I'm doing this via transpiling, which is way to hacky to be robust to future updates. Thank you for your consideration.
  6. When a geyser, vent or volcano is spawned as part of a POI and that spawn point is on or part of the edge of the map (Neutronium part). They Neutronium of the geyser spawns, but the geyser itself will never appear.
  7. @Cairath Are you still working on Eerie Colors? I saw it mentioned earlier in the thread, but couldn't find any reference to it?
  8. Would it be possible to have the Conductive Wire upgrade from 2kW to 4 kW. This would finally allow us to properly use a Large Power Transformer to full capacity. With your 50 kW mod, we then have: 50 kW and 20 kW heavy lifting wires Large Power Transformer Output a 4kW to the new 4kW Conductive Wire Small Power Transformer Output at 1kW to 1kW Basic Power Wire Thanks for your consideration. Guinaro
  9. Would it be possible to still for now upload the DLLs/Mods to your Github until Klei fixes the mod issues? I cannot use the Algae Grower, nor the Buildable Props. Always crashing the game, probably due to being served older files by steam. Once the issues are over, you could remove the DLLs again. Thank you for your consideration.
  10. OK, thanks for the warning! I'm not using it in normal game play, but tried it to get better info. Doesn't help much in that regard, except that it did provide me with the error message of the permissions issue. Otherwise I would have had nothing to report except an error. Which is still the case btw for your decor lights mod. Always crashes upon enabling. And I assume it has to do with steam not syncing all servers hosting the mods properly, and I'm getting an older version somehow. But Decor Lights is a nice to have mod and not an "essential for me" mod. So I'm going to try out the virusscanner blocking it somehow (doubt it, but still a useful tip), and otherwise wait for you to have your Github page updated, after you finished updating all the mods on the steamworkshop. Update: Somehow the issue once again solved itself. Subbed while ONI was active. When enabling mod. this time i pressed continue instead of restart. Closed ONI manually. Started ONI, and look and behold. Decor Lights now works too. Even without disabling Anti Virus. On behalf of myself and my fellow mod using ONI players: Thank you for all the time and effort you put into enhancing this game. It is much appreciated.
  11. I also had the permissions issue with the conveyor filter mod. And finally it fixed itself somehow. Either the steam server I was downloading the mod from hadn't synced properly to the new version or the following helped my case. The following pattern is what fixed it for ME. I hope it helps you too. I unsubscribed from all mods. Restart at least twice. Check your mods.json file that it is empty between the [ and ], and also make sure your mods/steam folder is empty. For me it was so, but if not remove everything between [ and ] aswell as delete any folder remaining in mods/steam and restart ONI once. Close ONI. Restart your computer. I resubbed to 2 mods. The Better Mod Load Logs mod (you probably should try another mod, see warning post of Cairath below this one!!!) and the Conveyor Filter Mod. Restart ONI twice, without enabling the mods. Then enable first the Better Mod Load logs mod, restart, now enable this mod. If success, you did it already. If not like me. Restart after the crash, now click on the mods button, and then on the manage subscription of the Better Mod Load Logs mod. KEEP THE GAME OPEN! Alt tab to the steam app. Now go to your ONI Mod subscriptions and unsub from the Better Mod Load Logs mod. Alt Tab back into ONI. Now I got a message of Conveyor Filter Mod has been updated. Press Restart button. Now enable the Conveyor Filter Mod and hopefully your problem has been fixed aswell. I resubbed all my 60 other mods and reenabled them all without issues afterwards. The trick I believe is: keeping ONI running while unsubbing from your mods which forces ONI into different checking behavior/database updating for the remaining subbed mods.
  12. I'm thinking we need some more control over worldgen traits. A. Grouping: E.g. GeyserActivity: GeoActive, GeoDormant, Volcanoes; MaxCount: 2 MetalAbundancy: MetalsRich, MetalsPoor; MaxCount: 1 TemperatureFluctuation: LargeGlaciers, FrozenCore, MagmaVents; MaxCount: 2 Boulders: BouldersLarge, BouldersMedium, BouldersSmall, BouldersMixed; MaxCount: 2 AllRemaining: Whatever remaining worldgen traits that aren't part of a certain group and aren't disabled. The max Count indicates how many WorldGen Traits slots can be occupied by that Group. To simplefy a trait can only be part of a single group. If not part of a dedicated group, it gets lumped in with the All Remaining Group B. Conflicting With: E.g. GeoActive conflicts with GeoDormant, but not with Volcanoes GeoDormant conflicts with both GeoActive and Volcanoes. Groupings and conflicts are specified in WorldGenTraitsGrouping.yaml File To keep it simple: Conflicts should limit themselves to the group the have been assigned to. Otherwise it will be come a complete jumble. C. Disabling (for certain Worlds): Like disabling Cold/Frozen Features on Volcano/Hot Worlds Not liking LargeBoulders: Completely disable it for all worlds. Enable/Disable for World setting, should also feature: isBlackList: true/false (False indicates it is a Whitelist) Blacklist: Can not appear on worlds in the list Whitelist: Can only appear on world in the list If you keep Whitelist empty: it would mean this trait is disabled for all possible worlds. D. Determine weight to be chosen for a certain World Like Cold/Frozen Featues on Volcano/Hot Worlds have Weight 1, but MagmaVents, GeoActive and Volcanoes have a weight of 3 each. Making it much more likely to have one or more of these traits. C and D could also be in each Trait.yaml file. e.g. in volcanoes.yaml Worlds: isBlackList: True List: - SandstoneFrozen - Oceania Weighting: - Default: 1 #Can be 2 or more, to allow a feature to appear more dominantly overall. - Volcanoes: 5 - ForestHot: 3 Thanks for your consideration
  13. When checking through the yaml files. I haven't encountered an option to disable certain traits with a mod. I know you can delete traits from your GamingAssets folder, but that is not a proper solution if you want to do it with a mod. Ideally we would copy the file of the trait we want to disable into our own worldgen/traits folder and add a setting to the file isDisabled: true Thanks for your consideration
  14. In my current game I have an arbor tree that continuously and immediately replants itself upon uprooting. It is impossible to uproot it and sweep it to a storage box. I simply cannot get rid of the tree, ofcourse it is also in a state of drowing as it is fully submerged! So if it drowns and pops up, also again it replants itself and the cycle restarts all over again.