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Automation help neded

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I have a logic problem and i can't seem to figure out how to solve it using full automation

This is what i would like to solve.

First time an input Y flickers green (green for short duration) output A turns green and stays green

Second time input input Y flickers green output B turns green and stays green

then output A again,.. etc that is altering between two different outputs with a signal from the same logic input


I figured out one way pumping gas back and fourth between two contained areas and measure gas pressure that seem to work. but its not very elegant...

I would like a solution using pure logic circuits..


Happy for any help.


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what you're describing is an edge triggered flip flop.

I messed around with this a few minutes this morning trying to build the simplest one I could out of an SR latch, but I'm a little dumb when it comes to automation. That and the ONI SR latch doesn't work exactly like a real-world SR latch.

Wikipedia - yours is the classic positive edge triggered D, but the circuit they show is in NAND logic which adds more components and also makes it harder to understand. I'm certain there's a more compact/intuitive way to do it in game.

edit: nakomaru's got it.

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