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Welcome to Hamton! Day 4000 Megabase Tour (PS4)

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Hey everyone! We don't see a lot of megabase posts here anymore and this isn't your usual one either! I've made a world on PS4 that makes DST into more of an RPG by adding towns, shops, quests, and hidden sidequests. Using Lucky Gold Nuggets as a currency players can buy items and gear from shops and fulfill quests at each of the towns to earn more LGN's. Scattered through the map are various "sidequests" givers seeking particular items that reward high end loot. We also do weekly events like raids, PvP tournaments, and beef training sessions. This world offers a safe zone for new players learning the ropes and a chance to use items they wouldn't normally get to play with, while also giving veteran players a good few hours of content as they earn their wealth in Hamton. Open to the public in Autumn, Friends only Winter & Spring, and closed for Summers. The world is up T/W/TH from 8p-10p central time  with random sessions on the weekends. EDIT: If anyone's on PS4 search for Welcome to Hamton! In the PSN communities and join up there to get all the info on what's going on that week and notifications for the weekend sessions. 

Well, here it is!


Here's it all in gif form as well. Hidden behind spoiler tags of course. 

Welcome to Hamton! Day 4000 Megabase Tour (PS4)



Spawn into the busy town of Hamton to start this weird little adventure on PS4. Grab yourself a backpack to get some starting supplies and check out the world rules.

Library, Blacksmith, and Hamton Inn



Get some knowledge at the Library, with maps and rare books available. Find weapons and armor for sale at the Blacksmith. Rent a room at the Hamton inn to store your stuff if you can't afford a house.

Magic Shop & Storeroom



Anyone found in the storeroom will be swiftly punished. Buy lower tier magic items at the Magic Shop! Quick demonstration of how to use the shop chests. Item for sale in left column. Price in the middle column. Players put the equivalent amount of lucky gold nuggets in the right column. Flint used for demonstration purposes only.

Infirmary, Tool Store, Clothing Store, and Questboard



Get a life at the Infirmary. Buy various tools and equipment from the Tool store. Buy low to high tier clothes from the Clothing Store. Visit the Quest Board in each town to find which repeatable quests suit you best.

Restaurante, Potion Shop, Caves Entrance, Fishing Hole, and Spice Den



Food is free at the Restaurante, but the bundling wrap blueprints are not. Get health and sanity potions from the Potion Shop. Visit the Fishing Hole to take a break from it all. Buy the new powerful spices from the Spice Den. Prespiced battle cakes ready to go!

Player Houses, Tooth Trap Pit, and 2nd Byrgenwerth Bank & Trust



Some player houses shown. Visit the 2nd Byrgenwerth Bank & Trust to exchange gold nuggets for Lucky gold nuggets or deposit your hard earned LGN's for safe keeping.

Ham Depot, Beefalo Fanatic, and the Old Wood



Head on down to Ham Depot to get the supplies you need to fix up your house nice! The Beefalo Fanatic can help you tame a beef. Deeper in the Old Wood is something left forgotten...

A forgotten settlement...



Look like anything to you? This little area is supposed to look like the main area of The Gorge event.

The Great Desert & The Ranch



3 biome Desert with nothing in it. Enter at your own risk. Get your hands dirty at The Ranch to get yourself some twigs, grass, and berries!

Player Prison and The Arena



Law breakers will be telelocated to the player prison. Compete at the Arena in PvP tournaments every other week to win powerful in game loot and access to the Hall of Champions!

Hamton Manor



A pair of fancy pigs with some coin. The first sidequest giver usually found.

Pet Shops, The Great Wastes, Bunnymen Woods, and Marble Mines



Get a friend at the Pet Shop, or explore the nothingness of The Great Wastes. Tread carefully into the bunnymen woods or stay clear on the path to Carruyt Village. Get to work at the Marble Mines if you'd like.

Cave Path & The Refuge



Quickly move between towns by utilizing the sinkholes. Cave roads connect all the major entrances. This one connects Carruyt Village to Hamton to The Pig Village. The Refuge is a great place to escape the Summer heat.

Pig Village and New Pork City Foyer



Wild pigs surround the Pig King, but just done the High Road is a city of science! Players enter through the foyer to get to New Pork City. Only players with a pass are allowed to stay in New Pork City. Passes are currently free for the next 8 players to settle down in this new city.

The Cliffs, Ranger Station, and Dragonfly's Lair



Self made biome. It's supposed to look like cliffs that get colder as you go "up" with the Dragonfly at the Peak. Pay a Ranger in meat to accompany you up the cliffs. Don't get too close to the Dragonfly or her eggs!

The Dragonforge



If you scale the cliffs and make it past the Dragonfly, you'll find the greatest Blacksmiths the Constant has ever seen. High end weapons and armor for sale. A little trade quest as well...

Another lost town...



While picking reeds you might stumble upon the ruins of town long forgotten. The Constant is a harsh place...

Smuggler's Den - Deep Adventuring Store, Blueprint Shop, and Bazaar



Explore the caves little to find the Smuggler's Den surrounding the cave postern. Tools for traversing the depths available at the Deep Adventuring Store. Yet learned knowledge at the Blueprint Shop and trade in your gems for high end loot at the Bazaar.

Bridge to Truff - Still out!



Cave ins. What can you do?




Cave Entrance to New Pork City and Grassforest



More cave paths connecting all of the major areas. The lush grassforest seems to attract the depth worms...

Welcome to Bridgeport! Questboard and Townhall



On your way to the ruins? Stop by Bridgeport to gear up or take on some new quests. Maybe even get yourself a Krampus Sack...

General Store and Healing Shop



Get your basic supplies at the general store and take a crack at the first riddle. Make sure to get healing supplies too! The ruins are dangerous.

Light Shop & Last Chance Cafe



Lost your miner hat to a splumonkey? Grab one on your way back at the Light shop and fill up your belly at the Last Chance Cafe on some unique foods.

Byrgenwerth, First City - Questboard, Dark Magic Shop, Curios Shop, 1st Byrgenwerth Bank & Trust, and Atrium Tentacle



Welcome, or not, to the dark city of Byrgenwerth! High end magic items at the Dark Magic Shop. Gamble your gold at the Curios Shop. Exchange found gold for lucky gold nuggets at the original Byrgenwerth Bank & Trust. The city sits on top of the Atrium.

Blacksmith, Mushroom Shop, and The Chapel of Shadow



Get some dark gear at the Blacksmith, and get a crucial cave snack from the Mushroom Shop. Make sure to pay your respects at the Chapel of Shadow before leaving...

Blocked Path and the False signs to Truff



Go past the blocked entrance to Byrgenwerth and keep going straight. The signs will lead you astray. Toadstool catapults donated by New Pork City.




This muddy little getaway is Truff. Plenty of grass, twigs, and mushrooms to go around. Mind the toadstool though! Check out Truff Stuff to buy the stuff Truff has to offer!

That's all I've got for now! If you have any questions or recommendations let me know! I'll be sure to post an update at 5000 days! Thanks everyone and thanks Klei for this great game!

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12 hours ago, Brago-sama said:

Thats a lot of creativity/effort. I know some of my friends have visited your server and had a great time. Real impressive man.

Thank you and good to hear! You should come by sometime too man! Give the people a Brago-sama mansion to gawk at in the 5000 day tour! The more people that get involved the more interesting this little experiment becomes!

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11 hours ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

My pc can't handle the sole epicness of these gifs so it sometimes stutters...

Sorry! It was either 28 gifs or like 100 screenshots. I think I'll actually prepare the individual pictures next time. 

39 minutes ago, SinancoTheBest said:

Aww, looks so good, why not on PC tho :(

Thank you! I haven't gamed on PC since Diablo 2. At this point I'm kind of invested in our PS4 community and can't imagine leaving them. I do wish I could give copies of the world for other people to run it themselves. 

3 hours ago, Internetperson said:

Great stuff I might join up if I have the time. May I suggest getting more clips with better sanity’s? It makes the areas look less amazing then they already are

Thank you! You'll just have to see it in full sane HD glory when you join up!

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