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  1. I am on the final chapter with rog and shipwrecked installed and on console if that helps I am in the darkness level of adventure mode and at the end I found a HUGE biome filled with an absurd amount of clockworks that I can’t beat even as wx. This is far to many to even think about fighting and my divining rod is saying that the final wooden thing is somewhere inside. I am not sure how to proceed as if I move even a foot inside I immediately get shot by about 8 bishops. I’ve tried running through to get a better scan of the area with football helmets and log armor but I get stun locked to oblivion almost instantly to the point where I can’t even eat or craft because the animations get interrupted. This is the first time the game has felt legitimately unfair and I’m not sure how to circumvent this. I checked everywhere but there is no other way besides going through this field of death. Any help with this would be be appreciated. (Sorry if this is the wrong place but I didn’t see anywhere else to put it)